MoD Nearly Bankrupt?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baldrick66, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Meanwhile, somewhere in Moss Side, a bunch of wasters heads off to the Post Office to draw their benefits... :x
  2. So where does this leave FRES? (Thread Here)
    Even the carriers and F35 have provided something for the Politburo to actualy see/win votes with. Does FRES even have a fully laid out plan?
  3. The MoD is just like the rest of the country then.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Surely you mean nearly 2 million people across the country?

    And this does not include the public sector.

  5. The MOD has been morally bankrupt for many years..
  6. Fair enough. Plus prisoners in our gaols being paid for the privilege of staying there and legal aid being paid to criminals.
  7. the MOD has no money for new equipment. well, it's fortunate that the government had the foresight to maintain our capabilities and equipment, so the MOD can make it across the lean period we are facing as a country. ....... It's not like everyting has been run ragged of the last few years and in desperate need of replacement, is it?
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Is that because the MOD seem to wast money like nobodies bussiness
    Evrything they touch or tey to implement seems to cost 40 times more and yet be made 39 times
    cheaper by the companies involved

    Lets replace x,y,z next year
    Ok put out a tender and we'll try some models

    10 years, 3 evaluation teams and £400 million later "We'll have that one please"
    "Thanks very much but it's now obsolete and will reqiure a £600 million upgrade"
    "Ok heres more cash"

    "We make them for £2.99 but to you guv'nor we can only sell them for £90,000 each"
    "We'll have 100 please and don't forget to hold all the repair stock and charge an overinflated price for that "
    "Kerching - P.S. you can't have the software to make it work thats a secret"
    "Thats ok just park them over there we'll tell the lads we bought them for them anyway"
  9. Well the Gobmints morally bankrupt so its no suprise that we are now financially bankrupt as well.
  10. Partially a case of a very empty kitty! More seriously, the equipment examination (aka PR09) is still ongoing and a lot of options are being looked at. It makes no sense to approve a project, possibly incurring costs of tens of millions, only to cancel it a few weeks or months later. UORs etc continue to go through, but there is a lot of sense in waiting until we know whats going on.

    Of course the fact that the PM continues to laud how wonderful we all are, and then insist on huge cuts to the procurement budget is just one more wonderful thing about life in ZaNU Liabours airstrip 1...
  11. Just love this paragraph...

    The debate on whether the carriers are, or are not, an appropriate purchase for operational, financial, political and other reasons has been well rehersed on ARRSE and elsewhere. But they really do seem to be becoming yet another political farce that will be no more than a financial burden on the working class taxpayer.
  12. Seems penny wise pound foolish to me. Was on a course this Summer and we were "treated" to a briefing afternoon at the MOD. Lovely expensive chairs, I fell asleep :D However, I digress, on our end of course Mess Bills there it was - £1.70 each for the tea and biscuit (singular not plural) which we consumed on said visit.

    Frankly I would rather have sat on a less expensive chair and had a free digestive with me tea or is that too radical an idea?
  13. What has Sir Kevin O'D got to lose by telling the Guvment to 'bxgger off' and telling the good people of the UK (via the press) that their 'civvi' leaders are a complete bunch of muppets. He has his knighthood, a good pension, a comfortable and a well paid job next year as the gaffer at SSAFA Forces Help. The General has 'street cred' - ex Manchester/Salford UOTC (still owes me a pint), ex subbie in 75 Engineer RE (V) and a full hand of cards in the Regs. So why does'nt he follow Gen Dannatt and speak up for the people who cannot?.
  14. Armies are expensive, Wars are very expensive and normal governments have to raise taxes to pay for their adventure.
    Blur started oh 4/5 ? Did he raise taxes to pay for his wars ? Before he left to avoid criminal shame and go on a Money making Spree.
    Blur bought his 'popularity' and Her Majesty's Armed Forces are paying their share of the price in, Death, Blood ,Broken Bodies, and minds destroyed.
    Some have paid, now it's time this Labour Government cough up.