MoD Mong Wars- " A New Hopeless..."

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Str8Bloke, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Here's a service for all those who have to cope with visits to the toilet without the aid of "Soldier" Magazine.

    A brave "beretless Military Support Function civil servant," in between making sure servicable kit turns up on time and on budget, has had a go from behing the cover of anonymity. I've picked the peanuts out of his letter for those interested.

    "Sorry Mr-wannabe-Military-Support-Function- job- holder,... the system changed to ensure that vacancies were filled under open and fair competition. We all know direct entry officers who were useless when they were serving and even worse when the practice of "jobs for the boys" gave them a red carpet welcome into the MoD. The only "protectionism" involved in the current set-up is when someone is appointed in such a role, the taxpayer actually gets value for money." Ouch! Get her!

    Is the MoD collapsing from within?
  2. How come you have managed to make 360 utterly irrelevant posts here and not earn an O2 Thief tag?
  3. Is your head collapsing, seeing as you seem to have had your brain removed?

  4. And how is a post, from Soldier Mag," about the MoD irrelevant to ARRSE?

    Unless you only come here for kiddie porn?
  5. Got a linky?
  6. Sorry, left the mag next to the bowl. It was in the letters bit of the March 2011 edition.
  7. I think he was looking for the porn linky.
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