MoD money well spent?

I was made to be a Singaporean rioter in training exercises during Singapore dock strikes in 1964. Do yer think I'm entitled to half a million? Plus I was a Ganges boy so bullying was long and harsh from instructors, officers and other boys too. :cool:
To have been born an Englishman, was to have 'drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life...

a 490k payout is quite a payout for a runner up ?

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I'm from NI (and a Prod) was made to play an IRA terrorist in the 80s for some shite demo video. I must be due something for doing what I'm told.
Seems fair to me. He (or perhaps his solicitor) saw the systemic weakness and went for it. If only I'd known that a bit of white noise, a lady interrogator laughing at my willy and a dig in the kidneys all those years ago amounted to a transgression on my feelings. Or Rights, or whatever. I feel so abused.
The amount of times I was called a jock b@stard or cnut......I reckon I'm quids in. I shall report forthwith to the doc with requisite twitch and offendedness.
I to was called a jock bar steward all my life but what I am really upset about was having to play the part of a paddy in tin city.


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I was, on occasion, required to represent the Fantasians during their unceasing attempts to take lasting control of Imber. Even now I find it hard to express my sense of shame but, for half a mil, I'll give it a go.
I was made to fight for "Redland" on exercise, as an Evertonian my shame can be assuaged by a cheque with lots of zeros...

Not really an Evertonian as football is shít
Racist and sexist, you fiend
At least it wasn't Aretha Franklyn, and a Julian Clary assault. I'd have cracked and spilled the beans. Some years ago a bad chap from the Gobnascale in L'Derry got a payout of over £50,000 for similar, but less stressful treatment , and he cracked (without telling his mates).
I want to claim for the time ( 12 th September 1997 18:34 hrs) the cookhouse ran out of chips and I had to have mash, the slop jockey corporal verbally bullied me by saying " you don't have to have fucking chips with everything you know " .

I only joined up for the chips .

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