MOD Misappropriation?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Nov 25, 2005.

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    [He said the televisions were a "genuinely important communications facility", which were used for "operational briefings" and to keep staff up to date with the news.]

    Since when has watching the news been an "operational briefing"??

    Beggars belief again... way to go HMG!
  2. Just like the chairs that stopped bad backs
  3. Grrrrrrrrr.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    And 'How much per month for white fleet vehicles in Iraq?'
  5. A bit of mischief making here. Fact - the media has an influence on the way operations are conducted.

    Ever since Op Grapple (and I well remember Sky being available in both Bde and BG ops rooms). TVs have been available to staffs to guage reporting on events on ops (more importantly to swing into action when the reporting was wrong - and I remember arguing with a staff officer in Wilton who was telling me that the PWO were chain gunning lots of locals because that was what Sky said - when in fact they had taken out 3 chaps who were stalking them with an RPG and I was able to argue cogently with him because I had seen the Sky report and was able to pre-empt the questions coming from the UK).

    On a few years and TVs were deployed in Kosovo and more lately on TELIC. (Though at first we could only get Fox TV - that was an eye opener).

    Ministers in all Departments across Government have access to TVs - the media run the agenda.

    Now on to the MOD today. The TVs referred to are found in: the lift lobbies (ie for all to catch headlines (a bit like the huge screens you see in Charing Cross), DGMC (no surprises there since they are the media experts) and outer offices of senior bods like ministers. They are large so that in the open office environment everyone can read the banner writing at the bottom of Sky News. Elsewhere staff can access tv on the DII website but my experience is that this is usually limited to the news over lunch or question time in Parliament on a Wednesday.

    Of course people will occasionally put matches on when the bosses aren't around (and I suspect the comment by the civil servant to the MP was a flippant one).

    In modern warfighting the media are an integral factor to be considered - at all levels. It shouldn't surprise the intelligent observer that military HQs across the globe have TVs.

    As I said before - mischief making; there are better things to concentrate on when it comes to waste of taxpayers money; usually in other, large spending, Government Departments.

  6. msr

    msr LE

    We should put it into perspective:

    Sir John Bourn, head of the NAO, said that the fall in overall [MOD] cost overruns - which still stand at a projected £2.7bn - was welcome.

  7. Mischief making by the media - well I never!

    Here's me thinking that they tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.. Tchoh.
  8. Good call from MODBloke. Let us not be so petty as to mention employing one's spouse as a researcher, the allowances paid to MPs for London residences and the cost of maintaining a residence in their constituency, the attendance, travel and other allowances, the use of official cars, the odd flight to the West Indies as a fact finding tourist mission and all t'other things that get aired in the meedja and which so rile reactionary old me. No, let us embrace this astute observation and apply as stringent rules across all departments of State - starting with the ODPM perhaps?
    Yes, despite it being Friday I am bl00dy grumpy today!
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. MODBloke... Good coherent answer, so fair one, BUT... theres buying TV's and then theres buying TV's! +£300K is a lot of cash! And they didn't just buy standard TV's they went and got 134 state-of-the-art £2,597 televisions... Which is completely OTT.

    What happens to the procurement cycle the rest of us have to go through, surely they should look into the capabilities of the TV's, put them on the backburner for at least 10 years and then buy them... no?

    One rule for the MOD, another rule for the rest of us... it stinks!

    Stories like this will always wind me up...
  11. Twenty to thirty will be in the lift lobbies (and these are also used as relaxation areas) I really couldn't say where the other hundred odd are in detail.

    I tend to share your frustrations about the procurement cycle but these would have been part of a smart acquisition scheme (are we really going to design and manufacture our own TVs) and the rebuild of the MOD was something that was part of the LTC then STC process for many years before implementation.

    Others have pointed you in the direction of real waste - unfortunately, because I use the MODBloke handle as a recognised staff officer in the MOD I cannot join in. Like you, waste incences me but generally the MOD is quite good compared to other Departments (but until I got to work here I would have been cynical too).

  12. Sorry, but I am cynical.

    Don't get me wrong some of these tele's will be used for legitimate reasons, but that many?

    It would be cheaper and more efficient to pipe the news to people monitors through the computer systems, they could watch allocated channels ie CNN, as a little screen in the corner of their computer monitors. For a damm sight less than 1/3 million. If it is already being achieved in some terminals it needs to be done more, and there are cheaper alternatives out there.
  13. I'll wager these MOD televisions are all covered by one licence, whilst those who live-in in military accommodation are targeted and pursued by Capita acting for the TVLA, because every little room is classed as a 'separate dwelling'.
  14. So Norman in the Houses of Parliment you have modest little TVs and the MOD has whopping great TVs?

    In the Houses of Parliment you have whopping great pensions and benefits and the MOD has modest little pensions and benefits?

    Does that seem like a fair trade to a sensationalist, publicity seeking dullard such as yourself?
  15. VB makes an excellent point, here. For all the television sets installed for Staff Officers in whichever headquarters you care to mention (MOD, PJHQ, Land, HQNI etc etc), who pays for the TV licences, how many licences do they pay for and is each seperate office area classed as requiring a different licence?

    If (as I cynically predict) the case turns out to be some form of "exemption" for these offices, why are the blokes living in the accomodation blocks next door being royally shafted over tv licences? More importantly, why is a 3rd party (Crapita) doing this for the TV Licencing Authority? Can't they do it themselves any more? Is it not more costly to sub-contract?

    [/cynical twisted bloke]

    MODBloke, can you shed any light on the situation? TV Licencing may not seem to be a major issue to the head shed, but it is certainly a hot topic to the blokes on the ground.