MOD Mangers and Staff to go on strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eul0gy, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Why? Do they also think that they get too much for doing f*ck all?
  2. The end of a cushy number for some is it? used to pi*s me off no end in places like JHQ how civvy's used to say "You cant speak to me like that im the equivelant of a brigadier"! They all got payed sh*t loads, enjoyed all the tax free benefits, many didnt even pay for quarters and yet unlike soldiers, 99% will never go anywhere remotely dangerous! As for the ones in the UK, well lets not even go there. Hopefully the MOD will streamline many of the cushy positions and save a fortune and in turn save enough money to buy a few more Mastiff's or Bulldog's.
  3. Perhaps productivity might go up for the period of the strike?
  4. F'in mangers, what have they ever done for us?
  5. Fcuk 'em off and out source the MoD to India.

    You may not understand 'em but they work their arrses off.
  6. Doubtless the cows will be angry.
  7. It certainly won't go down any lower than it already is!
  8. Will anyone notice?
  9. Oooooooooooh, I sooo wanted to post that!

    Only I would have put "How will they tell?"
  10. Ok guys time for a bit of perspective here.

    The MOD pay award was due back in August, but has yet to be implemented. The deal proposed involved the majority of staff moving up one point on the pay scale (2.5%), which was drawn up in 2002 and is not updated for inflation. Additionally there are growing concerns about widespread privatisation in the MOD and the impact on delivery to front line services.

    I don't agree with them going on strike, nor do I condone their actions. It is unlikely that 6000 people will walk out, the majority of them will not bother - they're quoting membership figures again. I'd suggest though that if the Armed Forces had to wait at least 7 months for the award of their pay rise, then there would be some seriously hacked off people out there.

    Bottom line as a MOD CS and reservist is that the majority of MOD are on your side - I always make the point when I breif the forces that the guys in the field are my teams No1 priority. Plenty of CS are doing operational tours, plenty more do lots to help you out where possible. I know there are jobsworths out there, but the forces are hardly immune from that too.
  11. Auld-Yin

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    I don't think it very worthy to bring mention of the RAF Police into this thread. :threaten:
  12. A bit perspective!! I'll give you perspective - I have never encountered such a bunch of oxygen thieves in my life. With one exception (POLAD in Iraq), I have never met a MOD civil servant who worked more than a 30 hour week. Maybe the government has actually worked out that these f@ckers are drawing a year's pay for a week's work. Get real.
  13. Curious - in my normal job I and my team average a 45 - 50 hour week - in Iraq I averaged a 100 hour week and that was pretty average. Suggest you're talking out your arrse.
  14. There is no point trying to sell the "good civil servant" line to garner support from soldiers - we've all met OLADs, Civ Sec and the DPA too many times to be convinced!