MOD Makes Soldiers repay pension

The MOD has overpaid £1.7m in pensions and has now decided that this is recoverable. It works out around £17,000 each for the 98 or so affected.

Some of those affected have even had their pension stopped!!
Why is this allowed when there was a similar error in overpayment of tax credits and this was deemed to have been an error by the government and therefore not recoverable.
Gordon needs the money back to help pay for the bail out of Northern Rock, much more important than people who have served their country.
I heard on the BBC Radio 2 news this morning that the MOD will NOT be seeking repayment of this debt


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I don't think even these scumbags would be able to ride the sh!t storm would cause if they don't write it off.

Fingers crossed too.


Different slant:
Taxpayers may have to foot the bill for a £1.7 million Government clerical error after it emerged that nearly 100 Armed Forces veterans had received pension overpayments.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said it would not ask the veterans to repay the money, but would instead approach the Treasury with a proposal to write it off.

A review of 49,000 Armed Forces Pension Scheme files found 98 veterans had been overpaid, some of them for decades.

The blunder comes just days after The Daily Telegraph disclosed thousands of troops had their lives endangered when they were sent to Afghanistan without essential equipment because politicians were afraid of committing money to an operation that might not proceed.

The MoD has also been criticised recently for housing half of the country's unmarried service personnel in substandard military accommodation and failing to increase its compensation settlement for soldiers injured in battle.

An MoD spokesman said the ministry had written to all veterans identified as receiving overpayments to offer them advice, as their pensions would be reduced in future.

“The MoD is bound by government accounting rules to correct any errors in payment, but has not requested any money to be reimbursed by the individuals concerned,” the spokesman said.

“Instead a submission is being made by the MoD to the treasury to write off the overpayments on their behalf.”

This effectively transfers the cost of the mistake on to the taxpayer

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