MOD Liable for soldiers death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by growler, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Who, exactly are they going to hold reponsible? He was shot by our own forces? Who ordered him to hand over his ceramic plates and why?
  2. That is why they have paid out, this way they do not have to answer difficult questions, in public. Good on Mrs Roberts for forcing the issue, however, I think that this will be the end of it.

    I wonder if any our wives/husbands would reject the money and demand a full and concise public explanation for our deaths, instead?

    Sorry to be morbid.
  3. Has somebody actually found some testicles in the back of a large dark cupboard?

    Perhaps now his wife can achieve a degree of 'closure'?
  4. Ultimately TCH was responsible for the shortage of body armour. A decent man would have resigned immediately; surely his position is now untenable? However, given that this government has no morals, no doubt he will just carry on regardless. :twisted:
  5. So the MoD is diverting money to try and appease Mrs Roberts and save the skin of TCH?
  6. I thought that a long investigation had been carried out and had discovered, among other things, that there were ‘king thousands of sets of CBA in theatre at the time of the death. The trouble was that they were in an ISO somewhere, rather than on brave men and women’s backs.

    Heads should indeed have rolled but not, on this occasion, TCH’s.
  7. So who fired the rounds that killed him?