MOD Leasing out RAF planes to save cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. are they being kitted out with all the same anti RPG stuff as the Tri's are then? 10 years in the making - must have something to do with broon ;0)
  2. Common practice with large companies you offset the cost of purchasing outright, would assume that this has been researched and will be the most cost effective way
  3. most cost effective does not equal best pratice! This always comes down to capability and no-one willing to sign of bdgets for the "just in case" moments - funny that why don't they do the same with Trident et al??
  4. This is exactly the same with the MoD's Strategic Roll On-Roll Off ships. 6 bought under a PFI, 4 in daily use and the other two leased out to the commercial shipping market.
  5. Also similar to the deal the RN has with VT for 4 Offshore Patrol Vessels. Seems to work ok, and cuts the through-life costs. Presumably a sensible step to take which means money is available for other things.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its not really the MoD leasing out as the PFI company using under used assets to raise revenue cover costs etc, the Ministry doesnt own them to lease out but pays a fixed fee for available fleet during the lifetime of that contract. Spares are utilized to raise revenue!
  7. Errr, they've been bought by a group called AirTanker, the first tranche will spend 12 months being converted to tankers and some will replace aging RAF tankers.

    I am in no way conversant with RAF tanker fleet, but some will go to replace tankers, some are on standby to be used by the RAF (as AT?) and the rest leased to the commercial world.

    So how will this deal ease the strain on the AT bridge?

    11 years in negotiation? How did it take 11 years to persuade a company to make money three times (paid when the RAF want to use them, paid when they use them, and paid by somone else when the RAF don't use them)

    Or am I being too harsh...As somone above said, this surely has been thought through at the highest levels...
  8. Tin foil hat - vested interest - SA80 anyone - oooh, SA80 modification anyone... :)
  9. amazing, someones actually had the sense to a select a decent aircraft, must be a mistake
  10. Indeed, the alternative was a bunch of second-hand 767s!
  11. Why can't the RAF buy them and rent them out instead? With the money going back in the RAF, with 1/3 skim for the other two services.
  12. Cos then the headline would be "DESPERATE RAF RENTS PLANES TO FOREIGNERS"
  13. From what i know of the deal its a pretty good set up all things considered
  14. No doubt, but if the civvie firm can turn a profit from renting the planes to the RAF.... surely the RAF could turn a profit from renting the planes to others?

    Same with the AT fleet. Make an RAF Auxilery (a la RFA) and have "civvie" pilots fly the non-green stuff, and rent out to people.

    IIRC John Travolta does that with his 747, and he is hardly going to that at a loss.