MOD launches diversity drive

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Is this in order to improve efficiency in MoD admin and management?

    Is this to improve the welfare and 'working' conditions of service personnel?

    Or is this just another ZanuNL box-ticking exercise?

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Perhaps they can find employment for all the disabled and PTSD cases appearing in an NHS A&E near you!
  3. Do they hold recruiting seminars at Hedley Court? If not, why not?
  4. Only the black, gay, single parent, ones though............... we are talking Nu Liarbour with targets to meet :twisted:
  5. "attracting staff that reflect and represent the diverse community we serve"???? What happened to "you got top scores on the "which Domino comes next" test paper - you're in????

    I don't want someone who 'fits' the current trend... I want someone who wants to be in the Armed Forces, not the front cover of Vogue!
  6. Don't worry too much. The interpreter woman is making the BSL sign for 'tiny penis' so I suspect she wasn't fully on-message.

    Get used to cr@p like this. Labour's unwillingness to oust Gordon implies an acceptance of the inevitability of defeat at the next election. They'll be in full-on Kamikaze mode until then.

    Get used to fat, hairy, middle aged blokes turning up in a flowery dress, fishnets and size 12 stilletoes at a workplace near you then suing because you don't sexually harass them.

    Get used to interest free government loans to get your sex change done on BUPA.

    Stand by for million quid plus 'redundancy' packages for MPs who lose their seats in New Labour's apocalypse, err sorry, I mean in the General Election.

    Rejoice as I tell you that reparations for slavery and half million quid compensation payouts for coal miners made redundant by Maggie are on the 'shopping list' presented to Gordon when he asked the unions to save the Labour party from bankruptcy.

    Stand by for the day after the election when the Incredible Dave and George Osborne, the Boy Chancellor, are standing in the blackened and still smouldering crater that's all that remains of the British economy.

    In short, stand by for a rerun of the end of the 70s but without the flared trousers and cr@p haircuts.
  7. Fat chance when they already got rid of the window lickers at remploy
  8. And that would be different from my current shipmates how exactly? :D
  9. I always knew you RFA types were a bit strange. It's the fumes from all that extra fuel you carry.
  10. And do not forget Tyrwhitt House! being a card carrying pensioned looney myself who attends Top Nut on a regular basis I would fit in nicely :lol: sort of like putting the lunatics in charge of the asylum! gissa job :p
    We can give them DIVERSITY! and I dribble if required.

  11. B*gger! I was saving mine for when they came back into fashion.
  12. hmmm, I'm going for door number 3.

    It's like the OB. trumpton etc etc. As a taxpayer I want the most capable person working for me, not the most "diverse".
  13. I thought you got in on the diversity ticket? Sheep molesters were under represented in your force :lol:
  14. There should be only one criteria to joining the Armed Forces. You are deemed suitable and able to do the job. Colour, relegion and sex is immatierieal.
  15. agree sex religion n colour but big thing is suitability - at the mo in a certain trade in the REME we seem to be taking all the left overs and this trade is going to be the future Mil Instr's - some of them find it hard to participate in a lesson let alone give one.

    then u need to look at who is deciding who is suitable and able to do the job - shouldnt be left to MPs or top brass - should be the guys on the coal face who do the job and understand it needs and all the traps that it puts in front of you.

    suitability versus sustainability