MOD Laptop contained my details

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Aerosexual, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Firstly, I did a search on this and the previous thread ended up in the arrsehole in very short order....why??

    I have just received a letter from Glasgow stating that some of my details were on the stolen MOD laptop in Birmingham.

    Now, I am seriously hacked off by this...apparently they lost ALL of the data I gave at recruitment time, including NOK details, telephone numbers, email addresses, educational qualifications...WTF??

    Also, and the point that has pushed me over the edge here, frankly, I have been in for ten years!! How long are details kept on recruitment databases?

    I am fuming, not helped by my call to the "No-helpline"...not the girl's fault but all she could do was deliver the bad news.

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    I intend to write a snot-o-gram in the next 10 minutes, however I am somewhat resigned to bugger all being able to be done.

  2. Kerrching£££$$$
  3. Sorry to hear that AS. Hope you get some answers soon.

  4. Hi Aerosexual,

    I've just received a letter today, too, from the MOD, informing me that ALL of my personal information, including national insurance no, health card no, driving license details, etc were also lost with the MOD laptop.

    Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it!?!
  5. how do they know if it was lost?
  6. My son recieved one on fri,same details then i liked the bit at the bottom that said BUT no bank details were on there :roll:
  7. I got the same letter on Friday as well, is there any way of making any money out of this balls up?
  8. My details were on the laptop too and I went through the recruitment process in 1996...

    So why the hell were my details still on the database 11 1/2 years later??? :x

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they decided to send out the letter to an address in the Republic of Ireland that I, nor my family, no longer live at.

    Peace process or not, there are several people who'd be more than obliging to give a Southern Irish boy a kicking for serving in the British forces-even more so for someone with an N2/J2 background. Who needs PERSEC when the MOD blatantly ignore it?

    If I ever find out the identity of the cock who has put my PERSEC at risk, I will make them suffer.
  9. They know which details are missing for each individual because, having established your identity (straightforward for anyone still serving), they simply look up their copy of the same (unencrypted ffs) database.

    I'm checking my legal position....


  10. Shame I can't use this to secure my position in the Army :lol:
  11. No comment to make I just want to be able to keep an eye on this thread without searching for it :D
  12. ...if some idiot has lost thousands of P/files by having his computer nicked surely the MOD can disclose his identity to anyone asking under FOI?
  13. i had the letter yesterday morning!!!!!

    i too wqas glad to read that no passwords were on on there or bank details! though that wont stop some crook setting up credit in our name, opening a bank account etc!

    im fairly shocked someone whos been in for ten years is affected too! ive only signed up fairly recently so was sort of expecting the letter
  14. If you're seriously worried about this happening (and I don't blame you) then get some ID Theft protection. I've been with CPP for 2yrs , since someone in a catalogue company office decided to assign debt to my name because i used to live at the property where someone, who moved in after me, had goods delivered and hadn't paid. I know it's a pain in the arrse and money out of your pocket (maybe the MoD will cough up for it since it's their fault) but it might give you a little more peace of mind :D
  15. I'd say you have a very good case there for legal recourse.
    I am in a similar boat. My details relate to 10yrs ago but the letter was forwarded to a previous address where i had withheld from the occupants my forces status for security reasons.
    What they ought to have done was access the electoral roll to establish whether we were still resident at those addresses.
    Very naughty!