MOD Knee Jerk Reaction - Cause and Effect

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ispeakcrabandpongo, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. The MOD has this morning released a notice from the PUS that all MOD Laptops without accreditation are to be recalled and locked in a safe place until they can be properly security cleared. This includes all Laptops that have personal or personell data on. Good idea so far until....

    SCEA being an agency of the MOD has told all teachers who use MOD issue laptops to prepare reports, lessons, class wrok etc that they must also hand in their laptops. So how does a hard working teacher, my wife is one, do evening work? How does she write up reports, do lesson plans etc? I agree that things like Class Lists, i.e. names of kids, could be sensitive material. But the laptop does not have addresses, bank details, fathers unit or home address on.

    Once agin a good idea from the MOD, but once agin someone is just not thinking outside the box. Result, no ability to plan ahead until the MOD says so, and a general slowing down in getting thinmgs done.

    I despair at times...
  2. could not agree more the MOD have a perfect track record of taking good ideas and messing them up. I agree somthing needs doing like the government actually inforcing the data protection act and who ever lost the disc from the inland revinue and the officer who lost the MOD laptop prosecuted to the full extent of the law. (id like to see the outcome if it had been a private who lost the laptop of a small civi firm who lost the disk)
  3. msr

    msr LE

    So will all TA personnel be issued with an encrypted MOD laptop on which to write admin orders, lessons, routine letters and CRs?

  4. No, clearly, so why not see your USO / ITSO about getting SyOPS and permission chits issued under JSP440, Part 8, Ch 4, Para 76?
  5. All MOD owned laptops down to unclassified were supposed to have had full drive encryption several years ago. Penny pinching and generally ignoring the DIN at unit level has now come back to bite people on the arrse.
    IMHO the MOD should be bulk buying licence's and encouraging guys to encrypt personal laptops as well. How many arrser's will cough to doing 'work' related stuff on their own IT kit? I bet 99% are guilty of running off the odd letter, RASP etc. Lets face it an approved programme licence is around £50 retail and comes down to around £15 with bulk buying, subsidised the same way McAffee and Office are for home use and the the price comes down to less than a fiver.
    As for the reason for the rise of information suddenly stored on stand alone Laptops........ DII? Not enough storage, lack of confidence in the system, astronomical fee's for testing data bases? ring any bells?
  6. Hopefully (but unlikely, I'll admit), somebody has gripped this and there will be a rapid bulk issue and installation of approved encryption software and Mrs Isc&p will get her laptop back shortly. Now, of course, this should have happened when they changed the regulations to require this for official use laptops but that would have meant that the security nerds would have had to talk to the budget weasels and procurement would have got involved and ... system grinds to a halt under the weight of bureaucracy.

    Much faster to have a public crisis requiring urgent and embarrassing SoS intervention!

    Edited to add: Baldrick said most of this above.
  7. Can we get the Sappers in to put some more bolts on these empty stables
  8. :clap:

    Bloody funny! Permission to use that? :D
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Bit annoying really, The MOD has been insisting that all list X companies (those that hold restricted info and above for the MOD) have to encrypt thier laptops for about the last 4 years.

    So the last 2 companies I've worked for have all been using encryption software, which means more hassle for us, just seems they haven't bothered themselves.

  10. Absolutely, consider it licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 with no requirement to attribute!

    The problem here seems to be the "official use but not actually PM" area - and this has only been exacerbated by last year's changes to the marking regime. Remember a lot of low-grade MOD kit, including unit IT, is procured capital-only and no budget is provided for maintenance. So when a new requirement comes in a unit has no money and, often, no idea of where or how to purchase. How many USOs have heard of DIPCOG never mind go to the events? And, let's be frank, disk encryption software is a pita for installation and tech support (and a real B@stard when it comes to forensics - but that is the point :D )

    Issues of data aggregation is also often overlooked by projects and accreditors and completely ignored in practice. They also overlook the fact that "everybody" will by definition include many people with sensitive occupations (or important parents) whose data would normally be treated with even more care than should be given to thine or mine.
  11. Err not true...those companies might say they do, but in reality... 8O After all given tha amount of data sent overseas :roll:
  12. If we don't have one due to a gapped post?
  13. Not wanting to talk IT Geek, but what happens to the hundreds of Tp Admin Sgts, who not high enough on the food chain and because DII terminals was rolled out to the CO and RP Shift Cpl only, who have their own lap top in work to do the nominal rolls, Tp Pers details, contact numbers etc etc??
  14. Or indeed, Tp OCs, Unit 2ICs etc