MoD jealous as Russian Army cures complaints with Siberia,

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. More inc video
  2. i saw a thing on bbc last night hardtalk and i think there were a few questions being asked about things like this - it was some russian advisor type guy - but the main focus at the start was Russia's ''freedom of speech'' (or lack of).

    Just finnished watching that video on the bbc website gotta say well done to him though. do you think its got in russia's top 10 :D :p
  3. Looks like someone has just won themselves a free holiday in the Caribbean. :roll:
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Dangerous thing embarrassing the CoC. He should be happy he wasn't sent to Chechnya.

    Face it, the only reason the UK don't do the same is that we don't have any colonies left :D
  5. There's Catterick. Nearly as dangerous and the weather's a hell of a lot worse.

    RFE's a bit remote, but if you're lazy and corrupt there's a lot of money to be made in turning a blind eye to illegal logging and cross-border smuggling. Assuming he doesn't have a fatal 'accident' within a week of arriving in his new post, I'd guess he'll do alright for himself.
  6. I still remember the fate of a certain junior officer in the 80s, who p1ssed of a 2 star with a snottogram. It wasn't until I hadn't seen Dave for a week or 2 that I asked one of his mates, who then told me the sad story. Dave who was very dischuffed by a c0ck up of which he was the victim let his opinion be known in a letter to HQ RAFG. Dave's next stop was RAF Mt Pleasant for 4 months. Not quite Siberia but the best/worst that the RAF could do.
    I suffered a similar fate a few years later. Happy days. :D
  7. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I heard an interesting fact the other week. Mt Pleasant is not the nearest mountain to RAF Mt Pleasant, it is the second-nearest. The nearest is Mt Misery, but the crabs have no sense of fun (irony, possibly) and figured it wasn't a good idea for a base name. Losers.
  8. So, is that what happens to Senior Army Officers who p1ss off Pa Broone and Pals by questioning McBroone's competence?

    I always thought a posting to sunny Catterick was a punishment posting. But then back in the 1970s at a Regimental 'Do' I got rather 'Brhams & Lizt' and waved a BB pellet gun in the Regimental Gym where said proceeding were taking place... Oh Dearie Me!!

    Me Co said to me next morning...'If you want to play at silly beggars, then its orft to NI ye go!' So 24 hours later I fetched up in Belfast and eventually down to Newry.... Ha ha ha. Nae more waving guns about now me lad... now this time ye have a real gun and... dont forget to clench ye buttox...we dont want ony brown trousers here.... Oh dear!!

    Well..... now I am a boring old phart!! And I do like taking the pee out of our wonderful Leaders..... especially Pa Mc Broone....

    Maybe my name is now down a little list along with 50 million others being held by Pa Broone's pals........ :) :) 8O

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    Preparing to the day of the Defender of the Fatherland (23 February) 2008 Lieutenant Vitaliy Efremov made his satirical video. Someone distributed it in internet. As a result comission from Moscow arrived in regiment #14108 and repair works were done. Later minister of defence visited the regiment with inspection. I fancy what opinions about himself the commander of the regoment lt-colonel Markov had heard.

    A half year later the lieutenant was sent to Russian Far East from St.Peterburg area. I'm sure that it is a revenge from local commanders. However, almost all young officers serve in remote parts of Russia at least few years during their service.

    Btw, Mother of former wife of my brother is from Ussuriysk. It is not so far from Korea. Climate here is relatively soft (unlike many other parts of Siberia).