MOD invites tenders for UK construction projects

Ministry of Defence said:
The companies shortlisted for the framework by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) are:

The National Capital Works Framework will be used for the design and build of construction projects up to a value of £50 million. It will include up to 5 companies who will participate in ‘mini-competitions’ for individual projects. It is due to be awarded before the end of 2013 and will run for an initial 4-year period, with the potential to extend for up to 3 years.
The framework forms part of the DIO Next Generation Estate Contracts (NGEC) programme, and will operate alongside 6 regional capital works frameworks for projects valued below £12 million. It has an estimated value of between £250 million and £400 million over the 4-year period and could be used at any site across the UK estate.
Last month, the shortlisted companies attended a bidders’ conference at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham focused on the tendering process and on the proposed operating model for the framework. Delegates were also taken step-by-step through a typical Defence construction project, looking at the processes involved, legislative influences, sustainability and other requirements.
Each tender will be rigorously evaluated based on the company’s approach to commercial and technical matters such as supply chain management, quality assurance, sustainable development, health and safety, and issues relating to the Government Construction Strategy. The tenderers have also been provided with a demonstration construction project and will be evaluated on their proposed approach to its delivery.
Steve Rice, Head of the NGEC programme, said:
Changes to UK military basing arrangements are expected to generate requirements for new capital works in the years ahead, and it is vital these are met flexibly and cost-effectively, enabling us to provide a Defence estate which meets military needs and supports our Armed Forces. Early in the NGEC programme our research determined that framework arrangements were the best mechanism to achieve this, and I am delighted that we have such a strong field of companies in the competition.
Jon Wooden, NGEC Capital Works Frameworks project manager, said:
This national framework is designed to deliver a range of potential major construction projects to support the Defence front line. We are determined to ensure firstly that all companies involved in the tendering process have a full and robust understanding of the potential demand, and secondly that we use the evaluation process to identify the best providers to meet that demand.
The NGEC Capital Works Frameworks are designed to support the Government Construction Strategy by reducing costs, improving value for money, and incorporating measures such as the ‘NEC3’ form of procurement, more focused performance management, and continuous improvement mechanisms. For all projects contractors will be required to use systems that meet UK Government requirements for Building Information Modelling.
The framework contractors will also be required to observe fair payment practices and - where decided appropriate on a project-by-project basis - project bank accounts will be set up to ensure prompt payment for all supply chain companies involved.
Tenders are due to be returned by mid-February 2013 and it is expected that the National Capital Works Framework agreements will be awarded before the end of 2013.



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buy the kit and build it yourself - that's what royal engineers etc.. are trained to do - build stuff. we're getting fed up with paying three times the price for a quarter of what we ask for.
Let's run a sweepstake on what percentage the overspend will be...
buy the kit and build it yourself - that's what royal engineers etc.. are trained to do - build stuff. we're getting fed up with paying three times the price for a quarter of what we ask for.

Use the armies own builders to build stuff? How very dare you!

Think of the bungs! think of the overspends! think of the post Ministerial Directorships!
Only if our new barracks are going to built from Hesco.

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Maybe closer to the truth than you may wish? To summarise that spiel, MoD needs new barracks but has no money (for the type expected by today's soldiers), so wants them cheap.

They COULD get round this dilemna by putting gravel down anywhere remotely level, throw a Hesco wall around it and bung in portakabins/ nissen huts/ tentage. Ongoing contract for on site catering, portaloo emptying, laundry etc, actual cost = next to fuckall. Change the T&C's for new recruits and Robert is your mother's brother.
MoD can also be shite at paying the main contractors/subbies invoices. Personally know one MD who went under due to being owed over 6 million squideroonies.

He too started on a 4 year contract with the option to extend for another 3 years...trouble was that every year, the SoRs were cut. Combine that with a longer than 90 day turnaround for invoicing and the words 'cash' and 'flow' begin to become more and more important.

The administrators will chase these invoices for him..probabaly gaining back about 30p in every £ that he is owed - just enough to pay off the tax bill.

.....although Annington Homes seemed to have done very well out of a certain contract.

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