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So, I posted my CV about 2 months ago for a job, circa 24 jobs split between 5 sites, with one being commutable (they are clear about this). I have recently had a call from the outsourced recruitment team, saying they are interested and letting me know that I will be asked to some point.

The recruitment team asked me regarding salary expectations, which I thought was a bit early and I said I didn't want to commit at this stage.

Presumably the interview will be CV based (I'm used to applications forms and generic questions so this will be new). I am not sure what to expect, it is a Professional post, roughly equivalent to HEO/SEO.

Can anyone shed any light? Presumably with a security check, it will take 2 to 3 months if successful? I should be going to the recruitment team, but as it is outsourced, I would rather hear from people who may be better informed?

Go back to the recruiting team. They will be engaged to deal with applications like yours, and it may help you to engage earlier with a recruiter, who will understand your concerns and expectations. You have nothing to lose. Best of luck for the future.

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