MOD Indifference to Gonad Cancer

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cernunnos, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. It's a question I've asked before as a patients representative and never received the satisfaction of an answer:

    The Army screens routinely for cervical cancer and breast cancer, why then, in a still largely male organisation, has no regular screening been put in place for the male killers: Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer?
  2. the same could be said of the NHS as a whole. After the whole jade goodie thing we have had a knee jerk reaction to screen women younger (dont get me wrong, no bad thing) yet no screening for prostate cancer even though it is just as high a killer amongst men as breast cancer is with women.
  3. I'm on the German health net now. With Teutonic thoroughness a little man in a white coat, with gleaming metal rimmed specs and a trolley full of nasty surgical steel instruments, kicks my back doors in every year with a polly bag over his hand. Just when I'm asking if that means I can say Du to him from now on, I get the ice cold spikey ultrasound helmet rammed up me. Just in case they take a blood test as well.

    I also get a two yearly skin cancer screening and bowel cancer screening (sadly once more with kicked in back doors). Since two of my mates are very ill with prostate cancer at present I can't complain. It isn't BUPA, it's part of the standard deal, all free.
  4. Thats you, that is linky!
  5. A German mate of mine had his prostate removed at 38, he'd never been screened. Couldn't be arsed with doctors. The likelyhood is that if he'd gone for regular screening he'd be a lot better off, they would have found it much sooner and wouldn't have had to remove so much tissue. He'd then still be able to get an erection. His last PSA test was high last time round, he's back in for chemo now.
  6. We don't want to hear about your bizzare fantasies!!! :twisted:

    This isn't an MOD indifference... there are lots of posters etc around saying things like "Check 'em".

    It is an NHS thing. We really do need a few more health checks for both men and women on the NHS. Prevention would be both better than cure (esp for things like cancer) and of course it would (inthe long run) be cheaper.... and as a bonus save lives.

    PS.... if that linky is true I am fcuked!!!! :D
  7. Keep your shirt on! We all know the NHS is a squalid midden of cess and corruption. The truth is that the government can't be arsed to pay even for routine PSA blood tests let alone have a rummage. The infection rates and mortality rates are higher than for breast cancer or cervical cancer, but it only kills blokes. We get the short end anyway, shorter lifespan etc. We are supposed to wait until we notice that we can no longer pi'ss and then sprint to the doctor, that's to late!

    As for self examination, it is sucessful in identifying breast cancer, but less sucessful in saving breasts. Ask Kylie! If you work with vehicles (oil), REME, MT, AFV crew, servicing bay etc. and are a soap shy minger, you are at a high risk of testicular cancer. We all know the man I mean!

    We don't have to accept the warblings of NHS administrators as gospel, they are all c@nts!
  9. But this is the problem Jarrod the NHS wont let a lot people be screened until a certain age this is totally wrong . Every man and woman should have the right to be screened once they have become sixteen .
    like for instance yes there is a big surge in cervical cancer screening but you cant dect ovarian cancer going by having a pap test .Also to be screened for colon cancer you have to be over sixty and over fifty for breast cancer and men cancer over the age of fifty this is totally ridiculous .
    If you are over twenty five you have to pay £450.00 for a course of HPV injections this is just ridiculous if people are screened when they are younger it would save a lot of life's
  10. The German health insurance companies have pay back schemes. If you can prove your looking after yourself: active membership of a fitness or sports club, attend regular screenings etc. They'll give you a rebate.

    The NHS won't pay for regular screening, perhaps treating terminal cancer cases is more profitable!
  11. So at what age should I be having the Cerrunos treatment? Nobody has stuck a finger up my jacksy yet but I suspect it is about time they did - I am 55.
  12. Cheers Jarrod. I will get it done here under a medical that I need to have in any event :oops:
  13. RM - Get yourself up on blocks your in the frame mate. I started screening at 46, my German GP couldn't believe I'd left it that late! The PSA blood test is a lesser evil if your back doors are nailed up.
  14. Gents if in doubt get yourself to your GP. I had a scare about 3 years ago (aged 37). Kept putting off going to the doctors as blokes do. Have to say I was the most relieved man in the world after my 2 minute examination and a few days waiting for blood test results to find out that my symptoms were unrelated to Cancer. We have no official screening for younger men but having spoke to my GP he stated that he didn't know of any GP who would turn away someone who was worried for whatever reason and that he personally though most men should get themselves checked out on a fairly regular basis even if they are not showing any symptoms.

    Problem is that this involves 2 taboo subjects for most men. 1 . Cancer 2.intimate examination