MoD hoped psychics could find enemy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. MoD hoped psychics could find enemy
    Daily Telegraph
    If it was true, it would have been on the history channel by now.
  2. The story on page 2 was better, but less believable. MOD finds arrse with both hands.
  3. I can not stop giggling about this.

    Althogh If I was being paid to find OBL(or whatever an envelope contains), I would take the time to catch up on my sleep too.
  4. It's no longer "actions on", it's now "actions before"

    Has anyone foreseen the enemy?

  5. The meaning of the GRIT acronym has also changed.

    Indication &

    (Of course, the American's have been using this system for some time.)
  6. There used to be a NAAFI investigation branch bloke who claimed he could detect aura around people. The colour of this aura indicated their status - friendly, unfriendly, crook, goodie etc. This is very simplistic explanation but I and a number of other sybill agreed that he did have some way of detecting personality etc that we could not explain other than his claim re aura. I suppose if you go for that, it is not too big a leap to detecting an enemy. I know that when I look at B.Liar I can detect a cnut.
  7. Is this a WAH?
  9. There have been various books written over the years about remote viewing. The CIA and Stanford Research Institute spent about 20 years researching it from the early 70's onwards and most of the books and websites on this topic focus around this era. They managed to spend over $30 million (some say much more) on this so were not taking it lightly. Some detailed findings apparently remain classified, although over 90% has now been released. What has come out from those who took part is that there are definately some key individuals that that they found to be highly reliable in their abilities to 'see' things occurring that are in different places often thousands of miles away. However, the critics say that the general 15% success rate was not high enough, while statisticans view the 15% as being statistically significant so there is still controversy. From what I recall while it couldn't be taught, those that did have the ability could be made to improve with certain exercises. I guess the MOD thought they might have a bash at it.
  10. That'll be 2 PARA, then.

    Oh, Psych-ics, sorry...
  11. Might explain a certain dossier
  12. maybe give them another £23000 AND THEY CAN MAGIC UP FRES :pissedoff: