MOD high security risk personnel

Without going into any detail over the net, Unfortuantely a few circumstances have arisen that mean that I may be at an increased security threat.
The Army as of yet is not aware of the situation but I wish to inform them so that adequate arrangements can be made to assess the threat and any procedures that are in place can be actioned.

Who shall I approach to discuss this matter? Obvisouly I do not want many people to know my personal buisiness so I need to go to the correct people first and take it from there.

Many thanks.
GreenSlime said:
Speak to your Adjt asap.
Correct - good level to go to as a starter and the right person to be able to assess where things need to go next.

Even if she/he is a newbie, I'd expect him/her to do the digging on your behalf to find out.

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