MoD head urged to quit on Chinook

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    From the BBC

    MoD head urged to quit on Chinook

    The Ministry of Defence's most senior civil servant has been urged to resign by a senior MP over "blunders" in buying helicopters.
    Sir Kevin Tebbit was lambasted by the Commons defence committee about why eight new helicopters worth £259m were grounded due to a procurement problems.
    Labour backbencher Alan Williams asked him on Monday: "Don't you think you should consider your position?"
    Sir Kevin said the way new kit was ordered had now been improved.
    The Chinook helicopters were grounded because they could be a risk to fly in cloudy weather because the software which enabled them to do this could not be properly tested.
    Chinooks are used for ferrying troops, artillery and supplies to and from the battlefield.
    The committee also criticised the MoD over the lack of trained pilots which had grounded Apache helicopters and the equipment shortage which meant 24, not 33, Lynx helicopters were sent to Iraq.
    Sir Kevin said the problems should not be compared as they were all very different.
    He said nobody had known the next military operation would be in Iraq and he suggested people should be pleased the Apaches were now in Iraq.
    At the committee questions session, Mr Williams branded the problems a "fiasco" and "downright absolute incompetence".
    "You sound like British Rail saying it is the wrong kind of snow," he said. "The British Army is supposed to be able to operate anywhere in the world it is needed."
    Fellow backbencher Gerry Steinberg said the mistakes had undermined the UK's ability to act in Iraq.
    He said: "You balls up the Apaches, you also messed up the Chinooks, you also messed up the Lynx. Three acquisitions messed up.
    "Every time you come to us you tell us it will not happen again but it does happen again."
    Sir Kevin said he was sorry for the problems but added: "There is nothing I can do to put it right overnight."

    I agree this twat should go. Someone has to be accountable and at the end of the day if you are in charge then the buck stops with you!
  2. Put the f$%k-wit up against a wall and shoot him :twisted:

    However, the rifle may still jam :roll:
  3. Tw@ts want the pay, they should accept the responsibility. He should go.
  4. notice it was a labour backbencher who said he should go...and he should IMO, but an MP asking a civil servant to resign 8O :!:
  5. Only the soldier knew sumone had blundered.
    Oh and yes shoot the twat
  6. Wonder if he's any relation to old Norman? Good news is finally, MPs are getting shitty (but not shitty enough IMHO) with these *********.

    Anything with technology, from guns, radios, thru submarines, helo's, and airframes is totally and completely f*cked up by this organisation. If it was an animal, natural selection would have rendered it extinct by now. Unfortunately, it isn't an animal it's an 'old boys' club.

    Go Tebbit GO - and take your fcuking mates Bliar, Broon, and Flunkett with you.
  7. How quaint! Shall we form a square! Haven't these planks seen enough to realise that the entire fecking theatre is the battlefield?
  8. Have I missed something here? When did we deploy Apaches to Iraq?
  9. I'm never averse to seeing a civil servant getting a good slapping - there are several within arms reach of me right now that could do with one. I'm even happier when it's that lanky twat Tebbit. However I have some problems with the quote above. I'm sure that we are pleased that the Apaches were now in Iraq - I'm even more pleased they're not ours! There are no UK Apaches in Iraq.

    Second, I wouldn't call the Apache programme a balls up. It delivered what it said more or less on budget and only about six months late - not that bad in the big scheme of things.

    PS - Our Kevin is definitely not related to Norman. Whereas Norman took hours to be rescued from the wreckage of his Brighton Hotel, Kevin would have been out in seconds, slipping through the smallest gaps in the rubble - facilitated by his lack of spine.
  10. Except the civvies have not trained the pilots, they cannot fire HELLFIRE from both pylons and most of the airframes are currently in storage - but apart from that not TOO bad...

    I was driving towards Salisbury two weeks ago and actually saw a Longbow with rotors turning - on the ground, mind....

  11. His boss, TCH, took a kicking at defence questions and was compared to Lord Lucan:

    Outstanding!!! :twisted:

    Also from defence questions:

    Brown-noser of the week (or perhaps that should be brown-shirter):
    The real question we should be asking ourselves is how Bliar and TCH can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning!

    What drugs is he on?
    I suspect the soldiers and officers in question are looking more forward to their pensions, as we all know that the only answer the military gives to lying sh!ts like Ingram is the answer they want to hear!

    Army as a human shield (yet again):
    More of the same next month! I have reached the conclusion that the only suitable fate for TCH and his cabal is that employed after the Indian Mutiny - strap them to cannons and light the fuse (or pull the lanyard). :p
  12. Stephen McCabe , a Brown noser? 8O

    Oh you don't surprise me lololol

    Nice to see that Stephen has never, and will never grow a pair. Never mind, he'll be on the dole come May 5th. :D
  13. McCabe - majority of 6,648 on a 57% turnout down from a majority of 8,420 on a turnout of 71%.

    My money is on the Tories winning this one as disaffected Labourites flood to the Lib Dems.

    Whatever happens, the only brown-nosing McCabe will be doing will be at the local jobseekers' office!
  14. On the last council election Lib Dems swept the Hall Green ward , with Wilkes, O'Brien and Paula Smith taking the 3 slots with a comfortable majority.

    I know the Hall Green team haven't stopped working since.
  15. Today's 'Commons Sketch' from The Times has more on TCH's abysmal performance:

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