MOD have lost over 1000 laptops in 6 years...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Dec 29, 2008.

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    a laptop lost or stolen every two days? that's quite a lot...
  2. Looking at the math its 1 or more per day ie 7 per week; 7 days in a week
  3. Remembers two laptops being lifted out of a classroom, :oops: :oops:
    Mind you the workies were in doing all the paintwork on the windows and doors :?
  4. So no one considered putting valuable items away then? Would you have left a pile of cash out too?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I trust that where the loss was due to irresponsibility the person concerned was billed for a new one...
  6. MOD take some advice…

    Stolen laptops can be traced and recovered.
    Hard disks can be remotely wiped.
  7. Sounds like a G1 / Crime Prevention matter to me.

    Don't know why you are posting it here?
  8. I'd hazard a guess that a lot of these are actually laptops that have been thrown out without being written off the books, when DII(F) came in with the new laptops a lot of the older laptops just went away into cupboads or to be wiped and destroyed.
  9. I remember several laptops being reported as missing/stolen from my last place...turned up in a store cupboard a few months later :roll:
  10. sorry to cause confusion, was referring to the title of the thread. 1000 laptops lost by MOD in 6 yrs (2190 days) = 1 every 2.19 days.

    subby, check your PMs for the answer. i know these newfangled computer things weren't invented when you got out ;)

  11. Yeah, but it was the store cupboad in your house :lol:

    We've still got a cupboad full of old laptops, nobody seems to want to throw laptops away so they tend to end up in a cupboard, unfortunately the minute the person who put them there leaves they are then 'missing'.
  12. They didn't trust me with laptops after the first two broke :oops:

    I would imagine that the vast majority of those 1000 missing laptops are lying in cupboards, been handed over to other people without paperwork signing them over etc etc...rather than actually having been lost.
  13. it's ok, i've just checked with the RQMS and he said they were all on the Atlantic Conveyor :)
  14. :D
  15. Yep, they are probably all in cupboards, laptops especially as they are seen as valuable for things like courses etc.

    Desktops? What´s the betting they are now fulfilling other roles? BFG database in the BFG office? Stand alone in the Garages.

    We aren´t called the borrowers for nothing!!!

    Similar idea to the one above re tracking. We need to sort out our assett tracking capabilites, that and bill people the FULL amount for neglient losses.

    Wouldn´t cost that much to have ALL desktops and laptops (not individually signed for) attached to the desks-walls. With only the "Computer manager" able to disconnect.