MoD guidelines on how to talk online

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by amyloulou, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. iz it lyk dis?
  2. Been done, but as we are apparently now representing the forces even in our downtime, should we hide the naafi? :)
  3. They're still trying to stop members of the forces from passing comment on defence policy though.

    Could they have made that more patronising if they'd tried? Remember not to use naughty words or go on the web without a parent's permission :roll:
  4. So Japanese femdom is right out?
  5. Checklist:

    'Iran' - check.

    'Auschwitz' - check.

    'Homosexual' - check.

    Tread hooped and padres breaking my door down in 5, 4, 3, 2,...
  6. Patronising and the usual MOD "The horse has bolted, best close the stable door" routine.
  7. ‘follow the same high standards of conduct and behaviour online as would be expected elsewhere.’

    ...ah buggered there then
  8. This is a classic case of bureaucracy over reality. ------- In plain English----- It sucks. 8)
  9. Did you ask the commissar if you could make said comment?
  10. Why is it? The 'management' know it is going to happen, so issue guidelines reflecting the lines to take as advice.

    Seems fair enough as a basic concept - whats your beef with it and how is it bureaucracy over reality?
  11. You should live here. Half of the links that are posted on Arrse are bloked by the censor. I am surprised that they still allow Arrse online at all over here. but then I s'pose they pick up a bit of low grade int every now and then on here.
  12. My beef is, that too much bureaucracy is unrealistic in society, and the "thought police" who try to impose this on us all will make the world a much more boring place to live in, on the basis that if we all think the same, we quash our own freedom of thought. ----- ARRSE would never be the same again!!
  13. That's very true- and at all levels, even including the CGS!
  14. There have always been guidelines for what anyone can say WRT talking to the media, publishing a book etc. The internet is just another new form of media, social networking also.

    Are you in the military? There are rules for most things - and most of them are fairly sensible. Publishing guidelines for those people whose life may depend upon what they or their mates publish is very sensible indeed.

    We're not talking about all thinking the same here now are we?