MOD Guard Service

Ok, I'm currently half asleep and doing my night shift where I'm working at an office doing security, where I have been for a few years now and wondered if anyone has worked/is working for Mod Guard service and if so is it worth looking into?

Im a supervisor here( a London office), earn ok ish money, get to look at pretty office girls walk around ( when I'm on day shift) and work with some good lads but as its private sector do not get pension, allowances etc etc.

Over last few days, thought back to my army days where the MGS worked at my unit. I looked on website and not much info is given. But I'm interested because they work for MOD ( get a pension atleast) and get atleast a bit of varation.

With talk of cuts at the moment, is it even worth considering?...
I would wait out mate .. at the moment there is a review going on concerning the MPGS, MGS and MOD plod.
Cuts somewhere are expected . There was supposed to have been an announcement this month but i think it has now been put back.

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