MoD golden hello failing to attract nurses into forces

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pox_Dr, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. According to the Nursing Standard (sorry no link) The QARANC is 22% under the 1080 it should have i.e. 240 down despite the golden hello of £8000. The knock on effect of this is the 2 yr comfort zone between deployments has gone out the window with some specialists getting as little as 2 months between deployments.

    Baroness Strange requested the information & raised concerns "One must ask why there is so much overstretch, the answer is simple there are to many holes to fill & to few to plug them."

    The RCN defence nursing forum chair (an ex Mental Health nurse Alan F*******) stated & I quote "many nurses in the armed forces request to go back to front line more frequently because that is what they joined up for".

    Maybe he should ask the 240 odd nurse that have left in the last 18 months why - This ex nurse will tell him I am feed up of back to back tours along with numpties in their ivory towers who have lost touch with the real world. I never heard one person say I’m glad I’m in Shaibah, I joined up for this, please send me back 2 months later after I’ve spent the last 6 months in this sh*t hole.

    He should also ask what are the best recruiters, & the answer would be happy personnel, we seam to be lacking them at the moment!!
  2. Well here's a dangerous thought:

    Maybe if QARANC was as willing to Commission Army Trained Nurses 2 years after qualifying as it was to Commission NHS Trained Nurses 2 years after qualifying it would have a queue round the metaphorical block of young keen willing-to-be-trained to be Nurses eager to serve an apprenticeship in a godforsaken miserable job knowing that there was a decent reward at the end of serving their time at the rough end.

  3. Well said that man!!
  4. And with some military ethos to boot! No wonder so many are reluctant to join or stay in when the MoD shits on them and yet pays agency nurses £300+ per day to work alongside them at Shaibah.
  5. Military ethos was packed away with the closure of the military hospital, but thats another thread!!

    It was a bit annoying seeing the 2 agency nurses out in Shaibah getting rock star wages and the TA nurses also getting paid more than their regular counterparts due to the wages they are on in civvie life (what happened to this so-called one army concept?) but with the exception of an agency girl who demanded to stay in a hotel (and got it) on predeployment training, neither of the agency staff gloated about the rates of pay that they were on (a trait some others could do with!!).
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Probably the same reason the £20,000 golden hello isn't attracting dentits to Remote and Rural areas of Scotland.

    It's not just about recruitment but retention is in fact more important.
  7. God Bless ye Guvnor - I quite agree & this is exactly the reason Mrs Tomb & I left the firm.

    Qualified 3 & 4 Years respectively we were advised that commissioning was a great idea & that we fitted the bill but that we couldnt because the unit we were in was earmarked for closure so would have to wait 18 months till that happened (apply in your next unit) !!

    Signed off next day (hand in hand - it was so romantic).

    God Bless recruitment & retention :)
  8. The reason this WILL not happen is because of the old Edwardian ethos of the Forces - Blue Blood rains - the elitist Officers' have had time to look at the 2 year Army nurses and will have assassinated them before the application has landed on the desk - NOW the NHS trained nurse has NO baggage so succeeds in their application.


    My answer is ...................... Leave the conditions out here and money are far better
  9. Shortage of nurses? Absolute nonsense. There's bus fulls of them from Rinteln all travelling round Northern Germany as I type. They've been out there for years.

    Don't spoil it for me. I still believe in Sanat Claus as well.
  10. Filbert, can you please find out where the TA nurses who get paid more in their civvy jobs than when called up and on Ops work? I want to go and apply for a job!

    On a serious note, I've come across Doctors, plumbers (seriously) and some bankers and barristers in the Royal Loamshire Muckspreading Yeomanry who get shedloads of top-up when mobilised. I'm a little sceptical that many TA nurses, other than H and I Grades (rare as hens' teeth) and the occasional manager, are that much better off on strawberry mivvi wages.

  11. H & I Grades, slightly out of date. My clinic has 7 band 7s & 4 band 8s. All of which are reasonably commonplace.
  12. On a straightforward comparison basic wage v. basic wage I am sure you are correct. However, the civvy (I love strawberry mivvy BTW :D) nurse has freedom to bank during her/his offduty periods (quite a lot of those in a 37.5 hour basic week) and for top-up purposes their additional TA Pay would be taken into account.

    Authority to offer my views in this forum: Mrs Abacus is a top G Grade. Most of our social circle are civvy or serving nursing staff (both TA and Reg) including a slack handful of Doctors. Out of uniform I can't tell the bl00dy difference between who are Officers and who aren't and in uniform I'm afraid I have the TA habit of judging everyone by what they contribute rather than whether I need to call them Sir, Ma'am, mate or darling. Mind you, in another Retention Master Stroke, I wonder if the new uniform(s?) will make it easier to tell whether I've made one of my many faux pas or not.

    24 Hours since I posted in this thread and I must confess that I would have edited my original if it hadn't been quoted several times already. My tone was strong - arguably too strong - but the message is important. As an organisation (i.e. the M.O.D.) we CANNOT compete with civilian wages. It's not just nurses - see any number of Chefs and Pet Ops who are earning more in Iraq as civvy contractors than the BG Comds they used to work for. However, what we can offer where the civvy firms struggle is real IIP standards of care and concern; no-one joined the army for money so we have a start point which is not common with our civvy competitors. But we need to start by burying the blue-blood snobbery that simply cannot co-exist in a world which requires equity of treatment for equity of effort and ability. If someone is good enough to be an Officer: encourage them, don't block them. And I would argue that it is far, far better to promote from within than seek to replace from without. Or am I being too much of a civvy again?
  13. Maybe it was the ODPs who rolled into Strensell in their Mercs!
  14. I am pleased to be able to report that I am doing my best to resolve this problem!
  15. There was at least one TA nurse I met at Shaibah who was getting significant top-ups as he was one of those NHS nurse-manager types - spends all day in meetings, has 2 pagers and a clipboard, but no longer deals with patient care, you know the sort of thing...