MOD Forms 1109 & 203

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hellmett, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Has anyone ever been attested and commenced training whilst "awaiting" the return of mod form 1109 and mod form 203?

    I just had a 1109 handed to me last night and was told I had been flagged at random by the powers that be to complete one and get it back asap.

    I doubt it was "random" but probably because I was ex 3RIR and due to my age!

    I seem to be whooshing through the entrance process and assured I can be on the Summer Challenge but I cannot see how?

    When I enquired about the mod 203 I sort of got the impression that it hadn't been done yet and gets done "later" which I thought as strange as usually this is done right at the start!

    I generally thought that you had to wait for these forms to be returned from "big brother" with an OK stamped on them before your application can proceed?

    I am in no doubts they will be ok but it's just the time delay that is pishing me off!

    Also, does anyone know if I have to complete the SC check or the CTC check for the TA?

    I think it's just the CTC but would like confirmation as the recruiter was a wee bit vague!


  2. Like i said before, this happened to two of the guys who signed up with me. We were attested, basic kit issue etc then a 12 month wait for clearance.
  3. 12 months???

    Was this for CTC or 203?

    I would imagine they were throughly pissed off with it all!

    Were they allowed to train at all?

    I take it that you are 2 Royal Irish as well!

    How long does CTC clearance last for, I have clearance from 2006?

    All they would have to do it contact the DV Office to confirm!

    Cheers for your help!
  4. No, i have no Irish connection, i'm RE but the two lads i mentioned (also RE) had Irish links, one had an Irish mum (who lived in England, hadn't been back for many years and he had never been there), the other went back quite often.
    They were not allowed to do anything till the clearance came through, i think one of them stuck with it, the other got fed up and is now living in Norway!