Mod form 383 & 383a

I know there has been posts about notebooks and covers before. I am trying to get said items for my troops. In my unit I have to go through the QM Tech Dept. However I approached them 2 months ago and have gently reminded the fat sgt in there about them. Now I asked again today he said that these cannot be demanded anymore. The manner in which he spoke made me think he hasn't bothered his arse to even try. I may be wrong. I am now on a mission to see whether he is correct or I can in fact get a quantity of notebooks and covers. All help much appreciated. Am going to have a check tomorrow on intranet as am on duty but would be grateful of any pointers in the right direction. I have seen that they may be in JSP 466? And then ordered from LLan something in Wales (which I though had shut).

Cheers in advance

I was told the same by my CQMS, but he had an old stash.
Llangennech is now the site were Thales integrate Warthog once we obtain it from Singapore. Completely irrelevant I know.

As for the Forms, sounds to me like your QM Dept is doing the job they where put on this earth to do
I have tried to demand these via my 'millies' account which is not user friendly by any stretch of the imagination!

Still trying though! If i get a result i will let you know!
I got told they were not being issued any more, over 10 years ago! Any that subsequently surfaced were from old stock in the back of the stores

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