MOD Form 1109- SC & CTC Questionare

Hello all.

Another MOD Form 1109 has just landed on my desk and I'm expected to fill it out.

Now, with the line of work I do this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this specific piece of bureaucracy: this is the fifth this year and the SECOND this month.

I was wondering, is there anyway I can get some sort of reference number to show that I've got security clearance already (I'm in the TA for ducks sake)?

This would put an end to me having to fill out endless MOD form 1190s. Argh. :x


There are four main types of national security checks and clearances:

Basic Checks (BC) and Enhanced Basic Checks (EBC): These are not formal security clearances.

Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) is required for personnel whose work involves close proximity to public figures, gives access to information or material vulnerable to terrorist attack or involves unrestricted access to certain government or commercial establishments.

Security Check (SC) is for people who have substantial access to SECRET, or occasional access to TOP SECRET

Developed Vetting (DV) This is the highest level of Security Clearance and is required for people with substantial unsupervised access to TOP SECRET
Same thing happened to me a few years ago. I got 4 in a row in one year, so I completed the 4th one (details copied from the copy of the first one, so as not to slip up!) and sent the last one in with a letter attached to the front of it asking why this was the 4th one I had sent out this year and why I had not yet received a letter confirming my new clearance and end date?

A month later, I got an apologetic letter back, telling me that it was a local admin cock up, and that I was now CTC cleared until 2011. Result!

Haven't seen any since, and don't expect to until 2011.
So this is how it's panned out.

My sponsor called up the DVA and told them I should already have security clearance for various different things.

The apparently grumpy DVA gentleman then went on to say that he could only see that I had clearance as a full time army officer and nothing else.

Now; instead of sending my sponsor a certificate of my clearance, he said that the only was I could get proof of clearance would be to contact my regiment and get them to 'transfer' my clearance to my sponsor and described some lengthy process.


What a joke. And whatever happened to my other clearances such as MoD and other civi organisations I've been working for?!

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