MoD failed to act over Snatch safety alert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. I think the snatch issue is overrated. Blokes were getting killed by sizeable EFP's that would have ripped holes in just about anything.

    Manpower was the main reason we struggled so much in Basra. We couldn't secure routes, dominate the ground, or do anything except defend our own camps - and we struggled to do that towards the end. The OSB, BP and SAAH got ****ing hammered at various stages.
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  2. Delta Dog - you are not wrong, SNATCH was not the issue. If you were a 1 RIFLES Delta Dog you got hammered on T9 and it got even worse on TELIC 10 cos the Brigade did not have enough people!

    WR got knocked out loads and we struggled to get in and out of BP and OSB - luckily SAAH closed down before then.
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  3. I read something earlier today saying that its horrid that we still use snatch in afghanistan. However I dont think I ever saw one outside of Bastion, damn those press people not getting the bigger picture.
  4. Yet, will anyone ever be brought to account for this? No, will they bollocks. If this were due to an industrial accident, someone would face culperable manslaughter charges. But because its the Military and we are expected to get killed because of the negligence or lack of ****ing forethought by some fat **** in Whitehall or Westminister, its ok and it'll just get forgotten about. All the while, the people responsible just sit back getting fatter off the tax payer, occasionally vomiting a piece of shit biography every now and again
  5. we were riding around Baghdad and surviving IED strikes on TELIC4 in SNATCH while the US Army HMMWV's were getting whacked and disintegrating left right and centre.

    in the early days the Yanks thought our SNATCH was an excellent bit of kit, and so did we until shaped charges and larger munitions were used that would defeat anything but a proper MRAP.

    SNATCH was good in it's day, and not as bad as they made out, but it's been surpassed now and is best kept behind the wire.
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  6. Errr... "That's the best defensive practice we had at the time." ....... A classic MOD ace card that appears to work every time in a court of law.
  7. 2008 - we were using snatch at Edi....Not sure if they been using them since...
  8. Yaaawn...

    Snatch Land Rover not impervious to Iranian Anti-Armour IED...just like the countless tanks and IFVs that also got whacked.

    Must be a slow news day.
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  9. I think the problem was more the fact that the MOD never admitted publicly that they were aware that Snatch was not up to the job once shaped charges started being used. If they had done so, and maybe thrown in that Snatch was not alone, that just about every other UK and other national vehicle in theatre were also vulnerable and explained they were doing everything possible to improve it/develope something that would save us, then I think they would have received better press.

    The current fleet we use in AFG is standing up really well to the IED threat in theatre but I would be interested exactly how well it would stand up to the kind of devices used on TELIC. Some things you just can't protect against.
  10. I recall Snatch arriving at Shaibah and looking wistfully at them as I headed toward the gates in my civvy-hired Discovery - which turned out not to be proof against stones kicked up by a Chinook. Still, it had air con, which was cool.
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  11. We were looking at them wistfully while heading for the front gate in Wolf 110s with the rear canvas removed and a bit of cam net wrapped round it! (Telic 4)

    We all knew Snatch wasn't really good enough but we had sod all else to send in the early days. Whether we should have or not is another question of course - if we were planning on invading and occupying a second country then surely the MOD/Government should have been considering what to do if that occupation went breasts skywards?
  13. So what was the alternative method of transport to be used then that could be procured and trialled in what a 6mth window?

    We had nothing and nothing was on the market that was suitable. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and as DeltaDog says even heavy armour was getting destroyed.
  14. I was "protected" on Telic 3 from all forms of IED's by a whacking big bit of chicken wire over the windscreen of my 110, that is until I decided I would take the preferrable method of melting in a warrior rather than taking a chance with the MK1 MRAP
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