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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by choff, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. I have been detailed to assist with arranging an interactive forum for this Unit to liaise with the wider world and wider military community away from Armynet and Dii.

    Having seen the 'Army Jobs' page on facebook it fits the bill but I cant seem to get in touch with anyone that runs it.

    Clearly, OPSEC and the like are a huge concern and I imagine there is a DIN or a JSP relating to how we can/cannot use social media sites as a platform.

    Can anyone on here kindly give me a steer to any doctrine rel to this?

    *Awaits piss taking and mouthiness*


    Choffers Von Choffhorst the One-th!
  2. Have a look at

    A. ABN 33/11 Unit Level Participation on Facebook and Social Media Registration. Dated 27 June 11.
    B. DIN 2011DIN01-134: Online Security Awareness Campaign

    The Yorkshire Regiment Facebook is also worth a look.
  3. In al seriousness, give the online engagement team a ring as well - they are very pro engagement, but can give you a lot of useful advice about do's and don'ts and highlight potential pitfalls.
  4. Cheers chaps, much obliged.

    Jim, you have a Mil No you can Pm me for that team please?
  5. I am getting very reluctant replies from the Army Jobs page on facebook. they are insistent on not wanting to give me a contact number, military or otherwise.

    Does anyone know who runs it and how I may contact them?
  6. Are you actually serving on a military unit at the moment?
  7. MOD CEntral exchange: 01522730376 and ask nicely for the civilian number.
  8. Bad CO

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    If you're on DII then try this with a ctrl-k

    DMC-sec Online Engagement

    He'll be very helpful

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  9. Cheers fellas, got it sorted in the end and am speaking direct to the people who run it.

    To answer your question...

    Yes, im serving military but the FB page had NO contact details or unit details for who was running it, hence my problem both using the military exchange or trying to direct dial.

    Either way, job sorted and thanks for the steerage ;)