Discussion in 'OTC' started by grotbag, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, recently joined the OTC. I used to do allot of work with cadets as a civilian instructor and will be getting back into it during uni holidays. As a civie staff member I used to get issued a station pass for ID (using a driving licence as initial ID). As a uniformed member of the TA(Gp.B) am I eligible for a MOD90 as other members of staff are issue? Would look a little out of place wearing a big green civie pass on my chest when in uniform!
  2. Have you got an Army Number?
  3. U just want a MOD 90 so you can walt about and show it to everyone

    If you require a MOD 90 youll have one
  4. Yes, have an army number.
  5. Get a chit in lieu from your admin office.

    Or does that not satisfy your walting desires?
  6. In which case then, whilst you are "walting it up" in your Admin Office, ask them if they would mind awfully applying for an ID Card for you.

    If they have any difficulty in this, please feel free to PM me for exact details on how to apply and how to fax it through. Do you have ID Discs as well, or won't you be needing them?

    Carcass, that wasn't aimed at you, it was for the Boy Wonder.
  7. Have you got my lycra costume and cape yet?
  8. When did you send it? There's a postal strike on you know.
  9. no i meant have you got it for me?? whats the colour scheme like hope it doesnt clash with my ginger hair
  10. OTCs don't, as a rule, get issued with MOD90s - too much like a uniformed drinking club.

    You'll get one if you need one. Surely, if you're in uniform with the cadets, wearing an ACF rank slide or whatever and you're bimbling about with a group of cadets/instructors, then you won't really need a bright green pass clipped to the front of your uniform?

    Are you sure you don't just want it for the discount burger king and to flash it down the pub?

    Tank - is there anything that won't clash with ginger? I'm ignoring the thought of lycra for now...
  11. Did you join for the MOD 90?
  12. If he did, he should have joined the crabs...
  13. I did. And the little plastic cover that goes with the new ones. Sod the money, I waited all these years for that cover thing. All that, and paid as well.

    GB - PM sent back. Read the P.S.

    Tank - stop trying to pull me with your gingerness. You can't spell, so you've shat it.

    Hope this all helps,

    Sluggy x
  14. Think thats for the best tbh. Well thats a good point, im not really sure!
  15. sorry? How can't I spell?