MOD experts to help Iraqis destroy legacy chemical weapons

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Ironic really seeing as the UK built and paid for the £14m Falluja chlorine plant that allowed Iraq to produce Mustard Gas. The only chemical weapon openly used by Iraq in their war against Iran.

I thought the Falluja diaphram chlorine plant was built by the Indians..

... and the Iraq Survey Group reported that it was "unlikely that any chlorine had been used for CW"..

All the mustard precursors seem to have been imported directly.. Mustard isn't that difficult to make, basically a simple nitration process..!

Care to share your sources?
I know its the Guardian but...

We have discovered that the plant was sold and installed by a British company in Hounslow, Uhde Ltd.
British ministers in the Thatcher government knew there were clear signs of chemical warfare purpose, but gave it UK government financial backing. This support was provided on the instructions of the then Conservative trade minister Paul Channon, who told his officials to keep the deal secret.
The strange case of Falluja 2 | Politics | The Guardian

Although I'm no more inclined to believe the House of Commons...

Iraq (Falluja Chemical Plant)

Mr. Laws: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what (a) financial and (b) other assistance was17 Mar 2003 : Column 522Wgiven by the UK Government between 1980 and 1990 for the construction of the Falluja 2 chemical plant in Iraq; and if she will make a statement. [102434]Ms Hewitt [holding answer 12 March 2003]: In 1985 the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) provided export credit insurance in support of a £15 million contract by UHDE Ltd., a UK subsidiary of a West German company, for the design supply and supervision of the erection and commissioning of a Chlorine-Alkali-Electrolysis plant at Falluja, Iraq.
House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 17 Mar 2003 (pt 6)

Tinfoil charcoal lined hat on.


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I thought it was 'proved' that Saddam didn't have any chemical weapons?


Does this mean that Tony Blair was right?

Or are MOD experts destroying nonexistant WMD?
Does this mean that Tony Blair was right?

Or are MOD experts destroying nonexistant WMD?
Actually this low-key MoD article appears to be saying that he wasn't.

Following the First Gulf War, most of Iraq's chemical munitions were destroyed under the supervision of UN inspectors and the partially destroyed contents of these two sealed bunkers are all that remain of those legacy weapons.
Nearly any country with some degree of domestic industry could churn out blister agents, we were making it a 100 years ago so it's hardly some breakthrough like becoming a nuclear power.

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