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Just seen this story. They had Lewis Page on as a talking head. Now most arrsers don't like the bloke (at all in many cases). But he made a very interesting point about how the defence budget has been used as an industrial subsidy since we started keeping reccords. Made a very good point about helicopters (suprise suprise) and the fact that we were re-building a small number of old ones rather than buy more, newer and better airframes
'MOD Equipment Plan'

We have a plan? 8O


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Page's book was poorly written, badly thought out and was more of a diatribe against the RN than a work of professional study. Frankly it translated to "I didn't understand the Navy career structure and got fucked so I'm going to screw them over." His answer to everything Navy was "outsource to the RFA" whilst failing to state why this would save money - no reference to manpower requirements, training, sea time or retention.

His understanding of defence procurement was based on the sort of discussions you and I have about defence procurement in the pub at closing time and failed to understand the complexities of equipment support and maintenance of long term capability in the face of changing requirements and alliances. He has a kneejerk antipathy to BAE, bordering on the childish, based on little or no knowledge of the company. (Of course, those of us that do know it don't like it, but at least we have reasons).

His land systems was demosntrably weak - for example his answer to multiple indirect fire system procurements was to use Harrier or Apache, whilst failing to understand loiter times, time sensitive artillery requirements or comparative system costs.

In short, whilst he may have improved his initial impressions immediately after he set himself up as a "defence expert" were extremely poor.

And if you wonder why I'm so anti its because I actually spent my own money buying the pile of pooh he called a book.

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