MOD employs 690 media specialists- where are they?

I assume roughly 687 of them are employed by the RAF press office to write the 'airman does the job he's paid for' stories that the MOD news feed posts on here sixty seven times a day.
I do hope Princess TV's not amongst that 690..


A parliamentary question has shown that the MOD employs 690 media personnel.
Not knowing how media fellows are deployed, is this a realistic amount for the MOD to emply in the role?
Why not just write to the MoD and ask?
There is some sort of Defence Media team in MOD main building, nowhere near 690 strong. They are drawn from around the UK media to monitor and manage any news stories involving the MOD. I visited and chatted to them prior to deployment as the nominated Media Officer for my Unit. CO wouldn't give me time off to go on 5 day briefing course that is run. I think they employ a lot more people down there (chicksands?!)
UPO is a secondary duty given to someone in the regiment, usually a captain of some sort
So this figure of 690 pers may includes guys whose main role isn't media, they have just been spammed with it?
UPO is a secondary duty given to someone in the regiment, usually a captain of some sort
Nah, the unit postal orderly is usually a lance jack.
Stacker-also means Unit Press Officer (I know it was probably sarcasm, but just in case).

And I don't know how many UPO's there are in total.
The figure will include a small central team in London, which handles all the various international press issues, wider messaging, production of brochures like Defence Focus etc. This section is in no way 690 strong on the single floorplate though. From memory though, there are roughly 100 people on the floorplate for all three services doing PR, web, publishing, press briefings and so on.

More broadly the figure will include people dicked to do the job as a secondary duty, which as with all such jobs will occupy anything from 10 minutes to 25 hours per day. There is also a small section of reservists, across all three services who do media handling, escort them to places and generally do the interviews etc. The rest will be either local unit press officers (RO function) or SLJO function, possibly 15POG (not sure), and the reserve components. All of these sections have a range of roles to do, and not just 'meeja darling'...

The challenge MOD has is that its damned if it does, damned if it doesnt. The Press are a relentless enemy, and constantly seek to screw MOD in terms of getting a story (cue endless 'UK troops lack equipment, kit, pet dogs called Bernard to carry their bergen stories, all of which are sourced from that well known defence expert of Pte Smiffy, from 1st Blankshires). You do need to have people on hand to do the research / rebuttal, but from what I recall, there are only about 10-15 people in that entire team which covers all aspects of Defence.
UPO is a secondary duty given to someone in the regiment, usually a captain of some sort
Indeed. I once had that role - as well as Mess Sec and various other sundry tasks.

The only good thing about it was the Unit Press Officer course, which IIR was in a faceless hotel in Gatwick and I drank through the whole thing, and sat at the back watching DVDs on my laptop with the subtitles on.

16AA Bde had a particularly annoying and blousy civvy PR doris who periodically rang up asking for stories. I found that giving her a good ignoring had no negative consequences, and so I found my tenure as UPO rather undemanding.
From memory, we'd save about 3 jobs and lose pravda. The only reason its worth keeping is that a lot of media articles are lifted verbatim from it. People always complain about the lack of coverage, and chinning off focus would only make this worse.

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