MOD employs 690 media specialists- where are they?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by afcass, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. I assume roughly 687 of them are employed by the RAF press office to write the 'airman does the job he's paid for' stories that the MOD news feed posts on here sixty seven times a day.
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  2. I do hope Princess TV's not amongst that 690..
  3. Why not just write to the MoD and ask?
  4. Its the Press Officers every unit has and avoids
  5. I'm having an online debate and need an answer this year!
  6. Aren't they normally serving officers who get dicked, generally just before a tour?
  7. UPO is a secondary duty given to someone in the regiment, usually a captain of some sort
  8. There is some sort of Defence Media team in MOD main building, nowhere near 690 strong. They are drawn from around the UK media to monitor and manage any news stories involving the MOD. I visited and chatted to them prior to deployment as the nominated Media Officer for my Unit. CO wouldn't give me time off to go on 5 day briefing course that is run. I think they employ a lot more people down there (chicksands?!)
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  9. So this figure of 690 pers may includes guys whose main role isn't media, they have just been spammed with it?
  10. You cant wait Four days?
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  11. Nah, the unit postal orderly is usually a lance jack.
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  12. Well, when you put it like that...
  13. Stacker-also means Unit Press Officer (I know it was probably sarcasm, but just in case).

    And I don't know how many UPO's there are in total.
  14. I suspect it also includes 15(UK) psyops group down at Chicksands as well