MOD Embarrassed to discover unkown TA Unit

Bloomberg is reporting an interesting story this afternoon,

Ministers and civil servants are hurriedly trying to discover how a TA Platoon based in Plockton, Rosshire has remained active 44 years after it should have disbanded.

2 Platoon, C Company of the 11th Bn Seaforth Highlanders, formarly part of the 51st Highland Division, has been meeting every Wednesday night at the Plockton Drill Hall and on occasional weekends on local landowners estates. The entire regiment was disbanded in 1966 and followed the amalgamation of the regular battalions of Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders in 1961. "The order to disband never reached them, " said the local Provost William Maclean, "Communications in the sixties here weren't what they are today and the lads simply carried on."

The average age of the men at 57 is somewhat higher than that for a normal TA platoon. This is despite the OC, local magistrate and Shorthorn Breeders Champion, Captain Donald P MacGillivray, continuing to recruit, as older members have passed away.

Captain MacGillvray is quoted in the Highland News saying, "We thought it odd no one ever came to inspect us or query our annual returns but apparently we were sending them to a long defunct office at what we thought was Battalion Headquarters but it seems it was demolished years ago and is now a Tesco supermarket."

Local crofter, Sergeant Malcolm Macleod expressed enthusiasim at the prospect of being brought back into the military mainstream. "The boys are looking forward to getting rid of the old battledress and gaiters and are raring to go."

The anomlaly was brought to the attention of Ministers by the local MP Charles Kennedy, who said, "These men are a testament to the stoic, quiet loyalty and soldiering quality of the Highlander. I urge the Goverment to treat them properly and redress matters of pay, conditions and equipment."

Goverment ministers and officials are examining British and European employment law and the matter of an estimated £6.3m in inflation adjusted backpay, bounties and recompense for expenditure on rations and petrol, previously met by successive Platoon Commanders.

Some observers suggested that the Goverment might try and spin the dreadful embarrassment and investigate the formation of more TA units manned by older personnel.
Good god, that's a small fortune in Bounty. What a wonderful story, if true. Someone should make an hour long BBC drama.

How the hell were they funded, did they ever go on exercise, what about their kit and equipment? Oooooooh baggsy first for a root around in their kit shed.

Don't amalgamate into RRS , keep them as Seaforths :D
They're on to plums with their bounties. Not an authorised camp in lieu, you see.
Good on them,
Old soldiers don't die , they just fade into the background

You ain't seen me , roitt!
Grandads Army!!
They'll probably all be sent to the 'stan next year on deployment. :)

No doubt though, that the Government will try to weedle it's way out of paying up the owed money to these stalwart members of the TA. :(
what kit where they using? :?
I am loving this! Are any of them members of Arrse , or do we have any Arrse members close by?

Oh my word, it's like Whiskey Galore 2008 lololol

Maximum non-commissioned age for TA is 55 , so the Government could diddle them out of some pay. However, if they were reclassified as NRPS?

Also, there's the small matter of a forgotten Drill Hall?
A mixture of Brigadoon and WG :D I really really hope someone makes a comedy drama out of this, sort of Hamish MacBeth stylee. It's wonderful. so very British.

Mediabods on Arrse, I suggested this first!
If this is kosher (i.e., not a wah) then this is a brilliant story - and something that should make front-page news on the website.


Nothing new - the RAC have had a lost regiment for years. Anyone met the 9/12 Lancers? The only difference is that the MOD have still to discovered them.
I sincerely hope this isn't a wind as it is a fantastic story, comedy drama written all over it.
PartTimePongo said:
A mixture of Brigadoon and WG :D I really really hope someone makes a comedy drama out of this, sort of Hamish MacBeth stylee. It's wonderful. so very British.

Mediabods on Arrse, I suggested this first!
Random trivia: Hamish Macbeth - filmed in Plockton.
I am not convinced the MOD know how many regular units there are, there could be hundreds of these "lost" TA units cutting about.

Just as a matter of interest once the notice to disband was issued should the question of backloading of weapons not been raised somewhere.............

Fcuk me there could be any amount of charlie Gs, centurion tanks or Phallanx shields in the wilderness.

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