MoD Double standards.

Has he actually been denied the medal or is it just taking forever to get to him? When did he apply for it? Something doesn't ring true here. Are there any more details?
A brave man, shat on by MOD pencil pushers of which many I suspect have never seen any real military service.
A slight variation on the topic, raised by the reference to the MC.

If he'd been mentioned on dispatches but had no GSM .... what would the form be ?.
You get to wear an olive green ribbon, same width as a normal medal ribbon (but no medal on the end), with your oakleaf in the centre. (bronze leaf if you have 1 MiD, silver if 2 or more without a medal to put it on).

Thus if you get 3 MiDs but in each instance there was a different campaign medal to go with it, then each would have a bronze oak leaf on the ribbon.
It looks like this guy was part of a large covert operation in N.I. then things have gone wrong, and they tried to call him a walt, he was hung out to dry, typical of the MoD, & Government. ( if you put kevin fulton into search, ) all sorts of sh1t comes up.
I just had a word with a friend that was in 1RIR, he said this guy is the real deal, but he is a ( political hot potato. ) and has dug in and is ready for a fire fight. He is a typical Irish Ranger.
SAOIRSE3216/2/2005‘Kevin Fulton’ fears for life
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15 February 2005

Press Association story, ref : Andersonstown News. The person named in police statement is Joe Haughey, MI5 and RUC Special Branch informer.



By Alan Erwin, PA

‘Kevin Fulton’

An IRA spy who fears for his life after his identity was exposed today accused police of ignoring pleas to investigate a picture theft.

The ex-British agent, known as Kevin Fulton, believes he is being set up for assassination following the publication of his photograph in a Belfast-based newspaper.

Fulton, who worked undercover for an ultra-secret military intelligence wing at the height of Northern Ireland’s dirty war, has been on the run from the Provisionals for a decade.

His appearance has always been kept secret, but last year a full facial picture was splashed under the heading ‘Fulton Exposed’. Even though he made a statement to police in December, the former mole alleged they have done nothing since.

He claimed: “Human intelligence sources, or informants, set me up to be murdered.

“But the newspaper hasn’t even been interviewed to ask where they got the photograph or to retrieve my stolen property.

“Are they protecting an informant.”

Fulton, who now lives in England, claimed the photo was taken from a north Belfast flat where he used to live by one of two Provos who used the address to plan terrorist attacks without his knowledge.

He told police he had to quit the address in 1994 after being questioned about an assassination attempt on a senior RUC officer. He fled without his belongings, claiming the two republicans as the only keyholders who could have obtained the photo.

The ex-soldier, who worked as an agent with the controversial Force Research Unit, issued one of the terror warnings that led to Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan’s damning verdict on the Omagh bomb inquiry.

He is locked in a lengthy legal battle with the Government over demands for a personal security package.

In his statement, given first to detectives in London, he added: “My picture was published at a time when public enquiries into collusion between the IRA and Garda were being conducted.

“This has resulted in my seriously fearing for my life as it has identified me as being a key witness to these enquiries.

“My name had been mentioned all over the internet and throughout many newspapers, but up to this point it was just a name.

“The fact that a stolen photograph of myself has been published by this newspaper has not only put my life in danger, but it is also a fundamental breach of my basic right to life.”

A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokeswoman would not confirm whether anyone has been interviewed.

She said only: “The matter is currently under investigation.”


Shouldnt have to apply for it. If the Mick Gds dog gets one then it is an automatic issue. manning and records cock up! He can have mine!


That is of concern! the problem with technology is how to restrict its use to non terrorists. It is sadly impossible and under todays police state (sorry poor use of words) a raid on an average house with mechanically or electrically minded residents would yield enough evidence to warrant an arrest!

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