MoD disguising overstretch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by claymore, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. From today's Glasgow Herald.

    MoD criticised over use of reservists amid Army cuts

    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent September 22 2004

    THE army has mobilised the equivalent of more than three battalions of part-time territorial soldiers for service in Iraq as it moves towards scrapping four regular infantry battalions to save money, military campaigners claimed yesterday.
    The Ministry of Defence is also disguising shortfalls in frontline strength by including the 2000 territorials called up for temporary duty in overall manpower figures, they claim.
    Geoff Hoon, the defence secretary, told the Commons defence select committee last week that there were "103,500 or thereabouts" troops in the Army, but failed to mention that this included reservists called up for service in Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan.
    Jeff Duncan, campaign manager of the Save the Scottish Regiments organisation, said it was "the economics of the madhouse" to drag part-timers out of their civilian jobs for service in combat zones while the MoD pushed through plans to disband regular units.
    An MoD source said: "We have operated on a 'one army' basis, in which the TA represents 25% of our fighting strength, for many years. While the prospect of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army charging into Germany has receded, other crises have arisen and the part-timers have played crucial roles in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq."
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    But, for those who have short memories, the TA had not had a major mobilisation since 1939 because previous governing regimes didn't commit the armed forces to political actions that they were unable to support with the existing manning level now we are governed by a coven of liars, accountants and bullsh1tters who would leave a soldier to die without protection in order to save enough money for a PR Guru to cover their catflaps when their lies are exposed.

    Sorry to sound bitter....but I am.
  3. During SDR, the then D Inf wanted all TA inf scapped. No doubt he foresaw what is about to happen and thought that no TA inf would mean no more cuts to regular inf. Or perhaps he was just a vindictive bastard.
  4. I hear from the old and the bold that only about one in 10 of the 1000-plus who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan from Scotland's TA units applied for exemptions, but I'd have thought employer goodwill is bound to be wearing thin by now. I didn't think TA was suppose to stand for Temping Agency.

    The newspaper report makes a fair point. Where's the sense in disbanding four regular battalions and then use reservists to plug the gaps? Apart from the money MoD saves in pensions, that is. the cheapskate bastar*s. :twisted:
  5. Head above parapet.
    The only real soldiers are infantry, all the rest (including me) are (where), support troops.
    We never had enough infantry in my days. 67-90.
    We certainly don't now.
    X battalions must go Party of Good friday agreement.
    Politics not military planning.
    Politicians command Generals Obey.
    Head down. Bye.
  6. No need to duck...this here is the converted congregation :( :(
  7. I think getting rid of 4 Inf Bn is barking...... however, spare a thought for the CSS.

    Tour lengths for CSS assets are ridiculous. Its the CSS that get clobbered for ops. Every time there's an Op, the Teeth Arms are supported by cooks, posties, drivers, medics, REME, movers, blanket stackers..............! You name it.

    So, give the Inf drum a break. We need those 4 Bn left alone but we also need more CSS to support what we'll end up with once they are binned.

    Right. Rant over.
  8. Well said, Big K. The loggies worked their clogs off last year under impossible conditions created by the tosspot politicians. It wasn't their fault they were operating a day late and a dollar short.

    Teeth arms without supply-chain back-up are just prisoners waiting to be taken. We tend to forget that every element plays its part, none more so than the unsung mobs bringing up ammo, fuel, food and mail.

    We need an about-turn on the infantry cutrbacks AND a boost for those who keep them in the field if Bliar's follow-my-leader foreign policy is to be the way forward.
  9. Here Here!

    As a REME type I fully agree. In 3 years at 3 Bn REME we did 2 Balkan tours and TELIC1. And I think they are in the frame for TELIC 6. (TBC?).

    My Current Unit did TELIC 1 and has an enhanced sub-Unit there now as well as another sun-unit in the Balkans. Some RLC and Scaley-types have been down as low as 11 month tour intervals. I don't think there's an infanteer that can match that anywhere; less the Black Watch on TELIC 1 and 4.