MOD Discounts Booklet - Warning!


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Although this book has many good deals, allways check!

I attempted to book a hire car on-line using Hertz, and up came a price.  Then I remembered the discount book and re-entered the details with my special MOD discount number.  Low and behold the price went up about 35-40%!!!  When I contacted Hertz all I got was a load a balls about corporate deals etc and an address to write to if I wasn't happy.

So - always check!!


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Bull I haven't looked at the discount book but if there is an address to point out inaccuracies send them the details.
Ur MT might be interested as well as In the unit I'm in they book hire cars for people traveling to courses.
But maybe a site on here to name and shame the companies and if the SUN are monitoring this site why don't they name and shame companies who discriminate against soldiers.
Hmm, i have recently had the pleasure of getting a phone line installed in my room in the block.   As it is Barracks, BT said that the place was black listed and there was outstanding bills to be paid to the address.  I tried to explain the fact that there is approx 1500 soldiers in this place, but the person at the other end of the line wanted more proof, they wanted a tenency agreement, proof that i had not been living in the barracks when the bill had occured (which i had).  Unbeleiveable as it was they even wanted a reference to confirm all these details just so i could get a line installed in my room.

When it comes to TV licenses every room is supposed to have one and every one is billed individually, but when it comes to other things you get tarred with the fact that you live in camp.

Whats the DS answer on this one.  Who knows.....

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Yes.. with you on this one.

The plan is for all SLA rooms to have TV aerial and a phone line/ broadband installed as standard - and quite right to. The down point is that it will some time before it is throughout the whole Army.

The rebuild of SLA starts in the SPTA area next year with Project Allenby and then in earnest in Aldershot from 2006 or so onwards.


GQ the answer is find some bloater marry her then have loads of admin problems. You know pads get the best of everything!

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