MoD cuts and multi-roled brigades

Discussion in 'RAC' started by duggan123, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, does anyone know whats going to happen to armoured regiments like the RTR and KRH with the MoD cuts and the news of the multi-roled brigades?
  2. I think that there is going to be a lot less armour floating round.....

    No Idea who would be for the chop though. The usuals will probably push for the "chav cav" to go.
  3. i heard that 1RTR might be cut and by the way who are the "chav cav", ive never heard of them.
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  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    mmm i'm guessing here but if you haven't heard of them then you probably are them...
  5. They are the tank regiment that are not Cav. They wear a lot of black.

    I don't use the term, I just know what it means.
  6. I understood it to be just a reduction in the number of Challengers, not a reduction in Regiments.
  7. CHE as part of WFM, Cin C stated last week that we must keep up our core skills, who knows who we will be taking on next.
  8. The regiment can have up to 30 tanks for their training year, normal unit holdings is now 4 tanks, 1 each per sqn and 11B.

    Scots DG and QRH put all but 4 in each last November. Scots DG take them all out agin in September :D
  9. thats a coincidence that you say that because im joining the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment :L
  10. Silly question, but once all this AFG business is over what will the people be doing all day with only 4 tanks in a Regt., The bean counters will be all over them and do you really think there will be more than 7 RAC Regts left after 2015?
  11. well theyl need 5 armoured regiments with challenger 2s and 5 formation recce regiments for the 5 multi-roled brigades so i doubt any RAC regiment will be disbanded.
  12. I think you will find that it is 5 multi role armoured regiments each with 1 Sqn of Challenger.
  13. I'd say formation recce regiments for each MRB is the way it should go....

    Then Challenger in either:
    - 1 sqn per formation recce regiment
    - 2/3 regiments of Challenger - as a divisional asset
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they need or they want? looking at the gulf war 2003 most armour and artillery were knocked out by air power before a tank was even on the horizon and I dont think that formula is likely to change anytime soon now they can target via drones even through cloud cover - tank warfare is pretty much done for, I dont disagree that a heavy protected form of movement is required such an air conned version of warrior as it at least seemed to work, the light armoured fres crap is a waste of time as shown with stryker which needed bar amour thus rendering it no longer airmobile which was after all the main requirement and non ied proofed.

    artillery is cheaper and more usefull which is where the germans went wrong in ww2, the generals saw this and asked for more guns but hitler liked the idea of tanks - just like our current cold war generals. its academic but if the germans had got the guns instead of tanks the russians would have been slowed down a lot more, probably enough for the jet program to really kick it and give the allied airforces a lot of bother.

    infantry can survive without tanks but tanks cant survive without supporting infantry even when used as post pill boxes. we would be better slinging the whole armoured concept down to the reserves where even though they never truly worked at least the vehicles will last a few extra years then slowly throw them away. better to improve our ability to move fast and destroy the enemy at a distance.

    the formation recce is just an excuse to keep lots of posh gentlemen out of the infantry. drones, cruise missiles and light artillery are the way forward and will be for the forseeable future, at least we are getting new light 155s which should take the guided munitions provided we dont ask bae to make them and are paying for the development of new drones out at area 51 so we can at least claim some credit for it. stormshadow once we've fired the lot should be quietly left alone for something a lot cheaper and bought in bulk. I'd like to think we could take some of the older c130's and turn them into spectres which would truly be usefull.

    as we are never likely to be able to do anything without the americans say so or input again then we could just as well turn the whole army into a big infantry format capable of fast deployment and full equipment integration into the US orbat. which I'm sure they would rather utilise instead of complicating the supply chain as we do still produce a better soldier. its not like we have sovereignty over our use of forces anyway is it? even when we go it alone we have overwatch from the pentagon incase we need bailing out in a hurry.
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  15. I think you will find future force 2020 issues these multi role thingies.

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