MoD cutbacks and bearded armies

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Domovoy, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. It cost approximately £42,818 for each adult recruit for 14 weeks of training; it cost even more to train an officer, + your pensions + the cost of medical treatment + all the kit + etc., etc.

    How much does it cost to pay some bearded jihadist fighting in, let's say, Syria? According to some captured "freedom fighters", they were getting in a region of $100 a month.

    See the difference?

    Why do states need armies? To protect their borders and to occupy new territories.

    Do you know any army that can stomp onto British or US territory with a view to conquer and occupy UK or US? I don't think so.
    Can you name any country US or UK conquered and occupied in the past, let's say, 25-30 years? No.

    What happens, US/UK ruling elites take possession of other countries through destabilising them, plunging them into chaos, and putting mechanisms in place that enable US/UK to control that chaos. You don't need very expensive, highly skilled military to achieve that! All you need is a bunch of thugs who can be given weapons and directed at the next target-state under whatever pretext (holly war, money, revenge, etc.).

    Thus, highly professional Western armies, mainly those of US and UK, can be cut down to a minimum necessary size required for training "bearded armies", planning the operations for them and fighting against those "beards" who will turn to bite the hand that supports them.

    Libya and Syria are simply large training grounds where US/UK elites are testing their new "mercenaries".

    As for you... You will continue to be killed and maimed at the hands of your new colleagues, like you do in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Something to think about for those of you who still retained the capacity to think.

    And on a different note,
     ÂÇÃËßÄ / Ñèðèÿ. Íàêàíóíå âîéíû

    the paper opened an on-line report page where it will monitor situation in and around Syria twice a day, with hot news in between.
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  2. And Mother Russia is guilt free? Right.

    Try sorting your own problems with Chechen terrorists, an autocratic dictatorship masquerading as a democratic system, illiberal laws on the Press, anti-semitic and homophobic legislation, a terrific alcohol problem, crumbling economy, and corruption on a scale that Mugabe, Hussein and Gaddafi would be in awe of.

    Oh, and Putin is a homo so do one you wannabe KGB mouthpiece twat.
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  3. Domovoy, the new name for Pravda.
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  4. That's it. Domovoy is on my ignore list...

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  6. I like to achieve balance after reading Domovoy's post by watching potentially successful Russian Ballerinas get anally fisted for a pittance
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  7. I know this is not the NAAFI, but what the **** is this shit?
  8. Oh FFS!!

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  9. Nice to see that you're supporting a worthy cause...
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  10. Wordsmith

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    I believe Domovoy earns a living as the subject of clinical trials on hallucinogenic drugs. Sadly, the research company doesn't cut off access to the internet while he's taking his daily dose.

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  11. At least the UK, US and our bearded brethren pay their soldiers unlike Russia. Where does half the hooky guns and bombs come from in these war torn areas? That's right another Russian serviceman that didn't get paid last month so flogs off the latest kit for a few rubles.
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    Do you (ahem) perchance have a link to that, purely for academic research reasons you understand.
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  13. Why don't you start a few dozen more threads that prevent reasoned discussion of what's happening? Moonbat Troll.
  14. Speaking from Switzeland Carla del Ponte, a member of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, confirmed that previous chemical attacks in Syria were carried out by "freedom fighters". But I believe English speaking media already fell over itself to report that, after all, UN commission landed in Damascus to investigate previous allegations of the use of chemical weapons!

    And to say West is despicable for paying to film it and then using it for its propaganda purposes, is to say nothing!
    Hurry up, before this video will be withdrawn in the name of freedom of speech. - 18+....MUST SEE....EXPOSED.....ANOTHER FSA HOLLYWOOD IN SYRIA....

    If there is justice, Anglo-Saxon nations will have their Nuremberg.
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    Is Domovoy BounceBanana's sock puppet or vice versa?
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