MoD Crackdown on retailers selling ORPs?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DH24, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Heard around the interweb that the MoD are clamping down on the sale of rat packs through civilian shops (army surplus, ebay etc) with them being raided and similar.

    Now, I understand that you aren't _supposed_ to sell them on but they are quite handy things for festivals, camping trips and similar.

    The only thing I'm wondering about is why the clamp down all of a sudden and why aren't these supposed to be sold on? As I understand it US MREs can be sold on but only as militaria rather than an intended food stuff so why not ration packs?

    Or is the MoD now that underfunded it needs to keep all available rations even if they are from 2002 in the system for actual use 8O
  2. Maybe the MOD should sell ORPs as well as the new Action man to raise funds for all the stuff we should have anyway although a lot will have to be sold to even pay for a WMIK.

    ORPs are stamped "Not for Resale" and make sure you check the packing date.
  3. No doubt the unused Rat-Packs will end up in a Landfill site thereby helping to feed the local rat population... come to think of it, I didn't think that Chavs could be bothered to scavenge.
  4. I hope that is not true. They are a staple part of my emergency earthquake kit and I need to buy some more
  5. No crisps, no White Lightning, Chavs couldn't stomach them, IT NAE FOOD < INNIT?
  6. Yes it is true and I know for a fact that there are a number of cases ongoing at the moment whereby individuals have been arrested and these may or may not lead to prosecutions. There are a number of reasons why selling on ORP is illegal and these have been covered on this site on a number of occasions but one of the main issues is that the MOD is responsible for the ration from the time it is produced to the time it is consumed or destroyed. In essence, it could be held responsible if someone ate something that was later found to be unfit for consumption. ORP is regularly examined and if, necessary, product recall procedures put in place or whole batches destroyed. What control is there over the stuff sold on ebay?

    The relatively few being kept from exercise for personal use is not the problem it is the blatant fraud and profiteering from a small number of people on ebay that needs to be stamped out.
  7. So how are the retailers getting hold of bulk ORP in the first place? Presumably the manufacturer cannot legally sell ORP to any non-MoD customer, and the MoD should be destroying surplus ORP rather than releasing them through Disposals.
  8. So how long do they last after that date - I have some issued a year ago and also keep some boil in the bags in my webbing - when should they be binned?

    Packing date is one thing, surely a Use By date can be worked out from that?
  9. The contractors who produce ORP for the MoD cannot and do not sell to any non-MoD customer although several produce similar products to the civilian market. The MoD does not release ORP to the DSA for sale either if stocks need to be disposed of then a contract is in place to ensure they are appropriately destroyed. The only way retailers can get hold of stocks is from military sources, be it the TA, cadets or military units and that is what needs to be stopped.

    Recent cases have also indicated that ORP given to civilians during the flood relief in Gloucester for example have ended on being resold. The problem is that some people believe ORP is free – it is not – and someone is profiteering from selling them.
  10. I guess the next question is what is the best fully legal civvie rat pack to buy for my expeditions instead of the ORPs from Surplus Shops?
  11. when its nearly out of date give it to the homeless, most are ex squaddies
  12. Oh, thats OK then.
  13. This isn't a new initiative. About 4 years ago the RMP were in my camp interviewing QM/RQMS/CQMS staff about procedures for issuing and disposing of ORP and all CBRN ancilliaries as the illegal selling of them on Ebay and similar had reached (in their words) 'epidemic proportions across the army'
  14. if thats the case then the skip rats in poland better watch out