MoD crackdown on cuts protests as RAF staff threatened with sack over Facebook group

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by psbook, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Tell me, how long have you worked at Lossie?

    Yep, ranting on Face Bo, Be Book or whatever is sure to make the Cabinet think, 'Hey. You know what? Maybe they're right...............'
  2. HA HA Civvies in uniform yet again!
  3. Golf how right you are, it was the Civies - the Stash can't threaten to fire servicemen/women. Incidentally he can't threaten civies either - it's a bugger living in a free country isn't it?

    Oh sorry, were you trying to make some other small minded point? You forgot no traditions, white socks etc - cock
  4. Have you read the link? The ******* must think they're in a union the way they go on.
  5. Sharky Ward's lad? He'll be RN then....

    I'm glad to see Stacks disproving, most unmilitary what? It's not as if you saw the Scottish regiments running similar campaigns when they were for the houses old boy, glass houses
  6. Many of the civilian staff at Lossiemouth *are* unionised.
  7. Not that surprising really - the Armed Forces are supposed to be apolitical, and conducting a political protest such as a facebook group with your own name, is a fairly major breach of that clear policy. Of course emotions are running high, and of course people are worried about their jobs (myself included), but the rules are clear - no political protests and if you want to do something on facebook then get permission.

    What was said by the station commander seems entirely fair to me:

    'Very recently a serviceman from RAF Lossiemouth was involved in setting up a “Facebook” site entitled “Save RAF Lossiemouth and its local community” … Engaging in such activities without obtaining authorisation at the appropriate level may result in administrative or disciplinary action being taken, which in the most serious cases could ultimately lead to dismissal.'
  8. Is the serviceman who helped set up the facebook account in a union?
    The account thats got this event planned?
    Where: Meeting next to RAF Lossiemouth's Main Entrance then marching to Lossiemouth FC's ground where a rally will take place
    When: 07 November from 14:00 to 16:00
  9. Do you see many Scottish regiments involved in planning a rally?
  10. Who's on about 'threatening'? It looks like a timely reminder by the Station Commander of Terms and Conditions of employment for MOD employed civilians.

    Calm down dear, I could help you down from your vertically impressive stead......
  11. "Who's on about 'threatening'? It looks like a timely reminder by the Station Commander of Terms and Conditions of employment for MOD employed civilians."

    Seems fair to me - people are being reminded that whether they like it or not, their T&C of employment means that political protests aren't allowed, and if you do something high profile, and in major breach of those T&C, then your employment may be at an end. If you don't like the rules, then find other employment.
  12. who let the RAF into ARRSE???
  13. It would appear that the person(s) concerned are fairly convinced they will be on the dole que shortly anyway.
    They may consider getting sacked for this is no different to getting sacked for having nothing to do.....