MOD Cottage in North Wales

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by speckygeek, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Can any tell me the name of the cottage in North Wales that is owned by the MOD, I think it is predominantly Navy run but you can book it for any service or for private use as long as you are in the services.
  2. Yeah its a cottage in Bethesda, ideal location for AT.
  3. Also try the Nuffield Trust accommodation inside the JSMTC compound just over the Menai Bridge. It's quite cheap, has decent kitchen facilities and you can use the JSMTC bar at cheapo prices. Result!!! Not sure if anyone can provide the phone number though.
  4. ATC Bethesda Hut

    POC: HQ no 2 Welsh Wing ATC
    01244 288331 ext 7818/7531

    Note: Accomodation only for 33 self-catering.

    Possibly also know as Naval Air Command Mountain Centre

    Tel: 01248 600416

    Nuffield Centre

    POC: Nuffield Warden
    95581 7962
    01248 718362

    Note: Accommodation for 60 pax plus 30 camping.
  5. I'm sure if you say "twll tin pob sais" then you'll qualify for a discount
  6. Nice one wg100