MOD Cosmetic Surgery! Are we mad!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by moonshine, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Having read through another day of mindless news in the Daily Mail, I came across another article on “MOD Cosmetic Surgery”. I’ve got to admit that in times when many of us lack basic decent equipment and when this is held against a back drop of defence cuts, then why the hell are we spending so much (reportedly) money on Cosmetic Surgery. For years being left handed, I have had to cope with trying to fire a rifle that was designed (probably by a Cosmetic Surgeon) only to be fire “Right Handed”. The MOD never stumped up the cash to produce a rifle that could be fired from either shoulder. However just because I’ve got small breasts I get wads of money. So for years I’ve been persecuted for being left handed, no wonder I’m bitter and twisted. What’s scary about this is, if I’d been some large obese person who couldn’t even get on the range because my webbing didn’t fit, I would have been looked after, cos the MOD would have stumped up the cash for a tummy tuck, never mind the fact that I can’t fire the bl**dy rifle because I’m left handed. At least my waist would have been reduced so that everyone else could have fitted on the firing point.
    I really feel for those Infantry Units that have been effected by this round of cuts, especially when money is being wasted in other areas of the MOD.
  2. Don't be hasty in condemning it. Think of the money spinning side of it. If all the squaddie bints were given liposuction, the fat that was sucked out could be used as fuel to power battleships. Failing that, it could be used by our bean slingers to cook eggs in. I mean, lets face it, they cant make the eggs taste any fcuking worse!
  3. Does anyone know how I could go about having my chin re-modelled.

    I feel I could do with a more manly looking chin, quite possibly with a bum cleft.

    I have written personally to TCH and POD but to no avail. Please advise?


    The most Handsome Man on Arrse (but still some room for improvement)
  4. I boxed (badly) for 3 years, worked for me.

  5. Personally i think having cosmetic suregy would do half the Bints good and might make them look normal other than looking like a fat version of John Meric ( the elephant man),

    Also might help me to enlarge my big saggy man boobs 8)
  6. Instead of surgery spend the money on gucci sports equipment and/or pools at the garrisons. Tits too small good you can run without pain you don't need em enlarging!!! As for liposuction, i'm sure the PTI's could come up with a cheaper and more rewarding way of fat reduction.