MoD considers moving Trident from Faslane

Cool - check out Helensburgh for properties. They have suddenly become a lot more desirable!

On a more serious note - I'm surprised it has taken so long. It will be interesting to see how much money this strips from the local economy. It will be a lot.
Salmond is a commie who would chuck the lot into a deep hole and not use them at all.

This report is the usual bollox, single sourced, anonymous figures speaking out and therefore more than likely made up.
Actually in a parliamentary answer Buff Hoon stated that only some 1000 direct and 300 indirect jobs in Scotland depended on Trident, not 11,000.
AndyPipkin said:
Actually in a parliamentary answer Buff Hoon stated that only some 1000 direct and 300 indirect jobs in Scotland depended on Trident, not 11,000.
Then Hoon was lying to the House. Coulport alone support over 3000 MoD civilians. And without trident there would be no need for the other nuclear berths in Faslane, so the rest of Submarine Squadron 1 would also relocate.

IIRC, back in the 1960s when the decision to procure Polaris had been teken, the shortlisting for bases was either Falmouth or Faslane. Falmouth was by far the most sensible miltary option, with easy access to the south west approaches and the edge of the continental shelf. However, despite Faslane possessing easily mined and blocked approaches through the narrows at Rhu and the Clyde in general, it was chosen for political purposes to bring jobs and investment to an otherwise impoverished part of Scotland.

Well, if Salmond and the SNP don't want the jobs, they don't have to have them. And watch one of the most prosperous corners of Scotland disappear down the toilet.

And now I wait for incoming from Sven for daring to suggest that a Labour minister would be economic with the actualite with the House......


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This reminds me of earlier threads on the 'Devolution Issue' and one of the questions there was who would get the forces goodies, or would they be divvied up.

Well, there's your answer then: Have your devolution, but keep yer hands off our kit!
Perhaps the reason for siting these bases where they are in Scotland is that they're relatively easy to defend plus, if you intend to launch an air raid on them, you'd crash into the hills at the end of the loch?

As for the economy of the west of Scotland - it's not just based on Helensburgh, although I can foresee Helensburgh becoming like Dunoon after the USN left the Holy Loch (which is to say, returning to relatively quiet obscurity and being a place of holiday homes and retirement communities).
AndyPipkin said:
Augustus, if Falmouth was the better choice, why did the USN choose to base its subs in Holy Loch, close to Faslane?
When they were built, the accuracy of Soviet ALCMs, ICBMs and SLBMs was pretty poor. Whilst that would make little difference with a high enough kilotonage/megatonage in flatter terrain, a mountain in between burst and target would mitigate some of the effects. Perhaps, enough to make the difference between surviving to launch more boats or being destroyed.
You know if they did actually go the whole hog and close down Faslane, the SNP would be the first to complain about the impact on the local economy.

There's just no pleasing some people.
"Coulport alone support over 3000 MoD civilians" - sorry think you're over estimating there. The biggest MOD establishment is main building which has about 2000 civillians from PUS down to cleaner working there. No chance that 3000 work in Coulport.
As Scotland is going to be in effect a 'Foreign Sovereign State' after the elections in May, I am not surprised that the Trident boats may be moved.

Why is the APC in Glasgow not on notice to move ? Maybe it is.

Tridents: Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven.

APC: Split between - York, Exeter and Chester.

(Sorry Leicester, you were terrific - seriously terrific. Maybe, the Pay and Pension elements to Leicester? Bon idee , non?

Now a question to anybody who may read this post.

'Who opened this Pandora's Box determining the dissolution of the Union ?"

Was it:

1. Kate Middleton ?
2. Freddie Flintoff ?
3. Tony Bliar ?
4. An Anonymous Walt ?
AndyPipkin said:
Actually in a parliamentary answer Buff Hoon stated that only some 1000 direct and 300 indirect jobs in Scotland depended on Trident, not 11,000.
Yes, but you have to apply the Hoon/Hain test. Namely 'He opened his mouth and spoke - therefore he lied.'
According to the Scotsman, this is all smoke and mirrors in advance of the Scottish elections, to try and scare the serfs into sticking with their Labour masters through the threat of jobs going south.

Trident rethink is dismissed as Labour spin

LABOUR ministers in London were last night accused of spin over a report that the Ministry of Defence is preparing plans to move the Trident nuclear system out of Scotland.

Scotland on Sunday yesterday quoted a "senior MoD source" as saying that the ministry is so concerned about the prospect of Scotland becoming independent that officials are looking at alternatives to the Clyde bases that are home to Britain's nuclear submarines and Trident missiles.

But yesterday, Ministry of Defence officials insisted that there are no such plans being drawn up, and that a Commons vote last month to renew Trident had effectively decided nuclear weapons will remain on the Clyde for the foreseeable future.

Privately, MoD officials dismissed yesterday's report as electioneering by the Labour Party. Both Des Browne, the defence secretary, and Adam Ingram, his deputy, are Scots.
Yes - The Hoon/Hain Test. Agreed - except Hoon was, or is, a simpleton, whereas Hain is a poisonous, self-seeking, quasi-terrorist, posing as a democrat.

Add the dreadful, sick making Hewitt to your test maybe ?

The Hain/Hewitt Test for vomiting and disbelief.

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