MOD 'considers cutting 30,000 troops'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Here we go. FFS just get on with the SDR and spare us shite planted stories like this one, as usual based on something really solid, like

    "........plan is thought to be one of a number of options being considered under the defence review. "

    MOD 'considers cutting 30,000 troops' - Telegraph
  2. Marines rolled into Army, Germany shut down, most of the tanks, self propelled artillery and anti aircraft gone, Navy loses the remaining T42 destroyers and it's T22 frigates, RAF loses all it's Tornado's and E3's, F-35 order slashed from 135 to 50.
  3. These sorts of stories, plus the endless "consultation exercises" e.g. the Treasury website and the Facebook cuts project, are the sign of a weak and nervous government. A strong government wanting or needing to make cuts just gets on with it.
  4. Just as much as a Political class that hasn't learnt that the public grew to loath the last regime for it's never ending spin and PR crap
  5. You can tell I'm showing my age - I remember this story being dragged out word for word pretty much at every major spending review for the last 20 years.

    Until we see the SDR in print, any story like this is merely speculation fuelled by leaks from service / CS personnel with agendas (namely protecting their own empire / capbadge/squadron/aircraft type etc). We'll see plenty more, but ultimately they only reflect the angle that the leaker wanted you to see ,and not the bigger picture.

    Lets just accept that its going to be brutal, but ill informed speculation does not help anyones blood pressure.
  6. They're the fcuking problem!

    If we could clear out some of the dead wood in camps around the UK or at least move them to a more suitable rank to reflect their job, we would free up the financial space for far more privates and NCOs.
  7. So some fellow a bit squiffy in the saloon bar at the Club voiced his frustrations, bit of a non-story. But does fit in with the RUSI opinion quite snuggly.... men before machines and all that.