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MoD computers with missile secrets were sold.


Top-secret Cruise missile information ended up in a second-hand shop after a Royal Navy rating sold Ministry of Defence computers to fund his gambling habit, a court martial was told.
Don't think that I wish to expose RN in the negative light. I remember recent case in Russian navy. Group of officers sold untold number of powerfull disels to Poland. Old disel-engines (however in good state) remained untouched.

As to genaral disorder in Russian navy then it is well-known.

But there is an interesting detail. This info was brodcasted on Russian TV1 (fully state-controlled), in leading (and very popular) 9pm new-program.


I believe that the case with Paul Crookes (sometimes surname is speaking) is untypical in RN (or not?)
No not typical, of course not.

Unfortunately, a person who was gripped by an addiction and looked for a quick but immoral way out. In this case, it just so happens its a RN man. I don't know who to feel more sorry for: Northwood, the RN or the man himself. :roll:

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