MoD competence.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by inbredyokel666, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. I was just reading the Beeb on the Airbus overrun, and as usual someone says the MoD are a bag of sh!te at procurement.
    At the bottom of the page, I noted the usual MoD slimey, doublespeak that accompanies every article levelling accusations and criticisms.
    Can anyone remember or find any article, where the MoD has actually admitted it's seemingly limitless levels of incompetence, on kit, manning, after service care anything?...because I can't.

    I do get that they can't forsee everything, but you'd think they might ask the workers at the coal face.

    Now I may well accused of not doing any research on this...But I can't be ar$ed.
  2. The Public Accounts committee seems to be only reactive on these sorts of issue; first the Chinooks, now the A300. Surprising, given that Edward Leigh has been Chairman for so long, and is no tolerator of bullshit from officials. At least he says the right things, though: "By introducing a private finance element to the deal, the MoD managed to turn what should have been a relatively straightforward procurement into a bureaucratic nightmare".
  3. Appreciate it mate, I was actually after something where MoD put their hands up, and spoke about the scale of the problems they're having-without the use of "Gus Hedges Drop the Dead Donkey" phrases.
  4. Not something I recognise as even 'occasional aberrant behaviour' from anywhere in my nearly 30 years of dealing with them. You used to get silence, or 'Official Secrets', you now get spin.
  5. The Public Accounts committee is set up to review AFTER the event.

    Given this idle shower's skill in f**king the blindingly easy up anything they set up to oversee ongoing spending would be an amazing display of f**kery in motion......

    Shame the PAC hasn't got the power to excute f**kwits.......;-)
  6. "MoD competence." These 2 should never been seen together
  7. It's an oxymoron don't you know....
  8. oldbaldy

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    I knew there was something I liked about China. :)
  9. Some of them are OK, although msr will insist on posting "ask your PSI" all the time.

    Oh, sorry, MoD not MODs ;)
  10. Keerist, if you think the UK MOD is bad you should try dealing with the Taiwan MOD. It's like dealing with greased monkeys.
  11. Or the locals here in Balkania! The truth is a sort of moveable feast type thingy :twisted: