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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pitster, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done, but I searched for an answer without success:

    Under what circumstances do MOD Civil Servants wear uniform? I have been scanning an MOD publication and noticed a paragraph which refers to "a civilian member of staff of the MOD who has previously been sent on duty in uniform..." and I wondered why civilian attire would not be suitable for a civilian?
  2. It might draw fire? I don't know, but it's just a suggestion. Or they might just not want their own clothes to get dirty.
  3. ive got a few retired rodneys working in uniform still wearing rank at my unit all a bitt odd
    and they are not on ftrs either??
  4. There are loads of civvies who wear uniform. MGS are the main ones, although there are MOD fire service, MOD Plod etc.
  5. It cannot be assumed that any individual, left to their own devices, will turn up in suitable outdoor clothing.
    By stipulating that they wear uniform, the MOD can at least ensure that their staff are reasonably protected from the elements.
    Otherwise you run the risk of some dozy twat rocking up in a lounge suit or 3/4 length strides and flip-flops when its 3oC and the rain is coming in horizontally.
  6. At one stage the members of Constructors Branch in the RN wore uniform whilst at BRNC Dartmouth even though they were civilians. It was probably the only time it was ever worn.

    I believe that retired officers of all three Services can wear uniform in certain circumstances. In the case of the Army at least, they have to have an "R" on it to denote "retired". A couple of years at the local Boys Brigade parade the guest of honour was one of the County DLs who turned up in his Guards blues with the "R" beneath his Captain's stars. Going back to the dark ages, 1950s &early 1960s :wink: , my grandfather had cause to wear his RN uniform whilst working on various RN projects after he retired. It probably saved some aggravation if it came to the "who does this bloody civvie think he is.....". He could show that he had been there and done it.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A few do. Analysts are one example - they can be seen in hot sunny climes in desert DPM with "Operational Analysis" on their slides - no ranks, obviously.
  8. Some of the SCIAD boffins wear DPM on ops too.

    Then there's a Parliamentary group, who have their own cap badge and stable belt.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    True, but please, please do not confuse the Parliamentary Group with the MoD - both sides would be rather upset by that.....
  10. The MOD is technically prohibited under the Geneva convention from deploying civilian personnel in operational theatres wearing uniforms. That is why all MOD CS body armour and helments have blue covers (similar to media). I think its to do with their rights as a non combatant (yea right, tell that to the JAM).

    I know the SCIADs / OA's used to sometimes wear combats, but I think this was because of what they were doing and not trying to stand out too much - although how much that was down to one individuals influence I don't know. The ones I knew were certainly fairly uncomfortable wearing it, as they felt rather walt like in doing so. I don't know if MOD officialy sanctions or condones this practise?

    No other MOD staff should wear uniforms on MOD business unless they are in MPGS or other such organisations. Should you meet any MOD CS pathetic enough to wear uniform then please submit them to the beasting of their life for being such total cnuts for doing so!
  11. Is it true that NAFFI staff on RN ships have their own uniform and 'rank'?
  12. The NAAFI staff do wear uniform at sea mostly, I suspect, because Next don't sell fire retardant kit.
  13. NAAFI staff on ships do wear rig with naafi epaullettes. The canteen assistant normally belongs to a junior rate's mess whilst the canman or canteen manager belongs to a senior rates mess. They carry no authority with that though and can be told to feck off / wind their necks in as and when required! Never found the need to do such though :D

    Standard chorgi laundryman rig on ships is flip flops and whatever else he bothers to wear.He is accorded the equivilent rank of God otherwise the sounds of "fluckin no dhoby" will echo down the flats as you approach with your pillowcase stuffed with w@nk socks!
  14. Apparently there is a Lt Col. (Retd) who occasionally dons uniform when he sits on the selection panel for new AT's. In this case i think it is entirely appropriate as he has earned the right to be there with his qualifications and experience. It is better for the interviewee if he is aware of who is in the room rather than seeing someone in civilian attire and not having a clue who or what they are.