MOD Civil Servants organise the RAF in Italy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bolo beret, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Yet another sickening article on Dii about MOD civil servants and how fantastic they are (not). DII is the MOD internal website for those who are not familiar.

    The article goes on about a team of beancounters who have been sent to Italy to make sure those dammed Service
    personnel in the RAF don't spend a penny more than they have to, including depriving them of cars and hiring them
    push bikes instead.

    Reading the article is a vomit-inducing praise of MOD civil servants who are clearly on a jolly doing a job that could be done by any Corporal in the Armed Forces.

    I suppose it makes a change from MOD Civil Serpents congratulating each other on winning another diversity champion

  2. MOD website: MOD civilians help keep RAF flying over Libya

    I hope the sailors on board the ships and submarines off Libya are paying their bunklight bills and not squandering their £2.49 daily victualling allowances.
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  3. Okay so you can't link the story that offends you so much, so why bother posting unless you have serious issues? Did a Civil Servant get ahead of you in the scran queue? As for the bikes, there are that may fat bastards in the RAF, bikes are a good idea.

    "Reading the article is a vomit-inducing praise of MOD civil servants....."


    Why not put your proposals for a civilian free Defence in a submission. Any Corporal should be able to do that.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I think he's envious of our bowler hats and gold-plated pensions. Now if you'll excuse me I have another platoon of infantrymen to condemn to death, by purchasing them inadequate equipment and maintaining an inefficient logistics system.
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  5. II Sqn in action? Cor!
  6. Well done, we expect to see your name in light in the near future.
    PS I think they they already have most of the inadequate equipment, if you could just(re)announce something going out to tender with an ISD of 2021, that would be grand(1)

    (1) I don't have to add a smiley do I?
  7. I agree - I am disgusted that the MOD is making an effort to publicise the efforts of its civillian component. How dare they try to make out that civilians are involved in military ops too. After all we've only been doing ELLAMY for 6 months, and issuing near daily press releases about the glorious RAF / Army / Navy in that time. To issue one press release after all this time is an utter disgrace that we even acknowledge that these untermensch dare pollute our military bases.

    Its even more disgraceful that the guidance on the ACSM noted that CS are entitled to it too because some of them have racked up the qualifying criteria under new & old system. How dare these pinstripe wearing, shoulder sloping, nappy wetting individuals who are engaged in collective treason with the EUSSR and its evil allies possibly be considered for voluntary service overseas. I am outraged at this, and the fact that Nursey hasn't brought me my daily meds yet...
  8. To be fair the article does try to make a bunch of civvie bean counters seem vital to the task in hand and to some degree sexy...

    However, starting with the title... They aren't really doing anything to keep the RAF flying over Libya are they?

    They are a 'small' team, in a 'small' room... perhaps as well, after all they couldn't be a large team in a large room if they are they too cut costs.

    They aren't really 'on the ground' they are in a hotel in Italy, and nobody was parachuted.

    Apparently they have a 'red card' system and have managed to book in to a hotel. A skill the RAF hold in particular high regard, isn't it MATT 10?

    All in all a truely remarkable piece of propagander for the civvies in a dull job.
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  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'd be quite happy for a Cpl to do any job that a Civvy does, if they were cheaper. Trouble is, they very rarely are.

    Can I recommend, to the original poster, a fine fine article on the MOD wbevsite about the wonderful job Civil Servants are doing in Afghanistan, to ensure that money is not wasted?:
    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | People In Defence | MOD civil servant keeps eye on purse strings in Helmand

    (By Wasted, I mean wasted-any-more-than-is-necessary-by-having-9,000-men-living-in-the-middle-of-a-desert-1-Mile-up-and-3,500-miles-away?)
  10. LOL some really amusing replies, ha ha! Especially Jim30 whose reply I thought was genuine, and with which I agreed, until I read pin-stripe suits.

    These days the dress for Civil Servants isn't pinstripe suits, it's jeans, t shirt, earrings, wearing a militant and weary expression of being the world's underdog.
  11. Bolo

    Could you show me on the doll where the bad civil servant touched your naughty places please?

    I think some people here do need to grow up slightly. Like them or not the CS is part of the MOD, and does play a role in operations. To issue a single press release bigging up a unit or team or group of people isn't something that is solely confined to the MOD CS, and plenty of military units are guilty of it too. There is a wider lack of understanding about what the MOD CS does, and something like this is quite useful in helping show that its not just biggles and his magnificent troop of red pelicans saving the day over Africa.
  12. You are CDM (Bernard Gray) and I claim my £5 (accepting that by the time I receive the prize it will have been reduced to the equivalent of £1.27 and delivered in an obscure foreign currency that I can't spend anywhere).
  13. As I recall the Army has been publishing lots of stories in Soldier magazine and others about how well it has been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years. Its a shame none of them seemed to mention that while the British Soldier did his usual stirling work, those in charge were making a bit of a hash of it all and we have now twice had to be bailed out by the USA. (At least the second time we had the intelligence to ask them to help rather than wait for them to turn up unnaounced as they pretty much had to do in Basra!)

    So go easy on the CS propganda - we're all just as guilty!
  14. Is that so?

    Seeing as I do the way some service personnel think and act like money grows on trees, bloody good job too.

    I earn less than a Corporal, I do the same stuff as Sgts.

    Curiously, I find the uniformed wallahs pushing the hardest for E&D bollox.


    My CS manager is entitled to a operational medal for his time in Iraq but he hasn't claimed it.

    Why not?

    He says it's not worth the grief he'll get from the bitter uniformed never have beens who will attack him over getting it.
  15. Trouble is that Cpl is a soldier first while that civie is errr... well a civie. Or do CS get some sneaky trigger time and help the pebble monkeys gourding the EFI etc. on some down time?
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