MoD civil servants in Afghanistan get £50,000 danger money t

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    November 15, 2009
    MoD civil servants in Afghanistan get £50,000 danger money top-ups

    (Andrew Winning)

    Civil servants at the Ministry of Defence are being given extra payments of up to £49,500 for working in Afghanistan and other conflict zones, writes Michael Smith. Clerical staff can claim the allowances — at least 11 times greater than the payments available to frontline troops — because of the long hours and dangerous conditions.

    The revelation suggests ministers misled the public last week when it emerged that MoD officials had received £47m in bonuses this year. Alan Johnson, the home secretary, defended the bonuses paid to civil servants by pointing out that they worked in “difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs”.

    However, The Sunday Times has established that MoD staff who volunteer to be posted to conflict zones are already compensated. Although they may work at army bases and can accompany ministers on walkabouts, they are not deployed on the front line. Not one has been killed in Afghanistan.

    A junior civil servant gets a top-up of £6,750 a month; a senior civil servant, £8,250. Over a six-month tour this adds up to £49,500. By contrast, a junior infantry soldier, on £16,681 a year, will receive additional allowances for the entire six-month tour of £3,570 — equivalent to just £595 a month.
  2. Well I don't see a long line of squaddies leaving the army and queuing up to join the civil service so it can't be that important.
  3. Keep them in the dark and they will never know!
  4. Spot on!!!
  5. On Herrick 6 someone asked under FOI how much the COLA and some other allowance the civvies got out there. They then thoughtfully pinned it up in the EFI where it stayed for months.
    We all knew and I don't think anyone signed off over it.
  6. CS salary on tour has been done to death here, and is only coming up again, due to the recent attention paid to the MOD salaries. As usual we’ll get outrage and anger that we’re getting paid money, but lets break down those payments.

    For starters, the amount paid reflects that we’re contracted to work a set number of hours a week, and working in theatre will usually mean you’re working about 3 times as much as usual. The majority of the allowance is to pay you for your time – this is the biggest difference between MOD and HM Forces, who are paid 24/7, while CS are paid for a 37 hour week. The rest of the allowance covers difficult living allowance (similar to HM forces allowances) and a small amount extra to compensate you for the challenges of living in theatre.

    Its also often forgotten that CS don’t get issued any kit at all apart from body armour, helmet and respirator and some sunglasses. Everything else we want to take, we have to buy – there is no “black bag worth 3 grand” for us – everything we take, we have to pay for.

    People are quick to scream outrage, but the military join up knowing you’re going to deploy, whereas most CS don’t (or at least didn’t ) join with this expectation. You need to offer financial incentives to make people volunteer, or you’ll need to find more forces personnel to deploy instead.

    Finally, the sums quoted don’t bear resemblance to any pay scales I’ve seen. The super bonuses refer to are for one, maybe two people at B2 level (full col equiv). Add the bonus to a B2 salary, and they still earn far less than their military equivalents.

    Lets keep the outrage bus parked shall we?
  7. I could probably equip myself for a tour as a CS for about £500 tops.

    That would be with nice crag hopper shirts, hiking boots, hard wearing trousers and a Tilley Hat.
  8. Fekkit! The one and only time i manage to call shotgun first and the bloody thing's not going anywhere! Pffffffff :roll:
  9. What would be a more realistic figure?
  10. Well what else do you need? No more than any other squaddie buys out of his own cash to send out in a comfy box in the vain hope we would actually be able to use it?

    Sorry Jim, thats a non argument there. They are in the vast majority of cases in an AC'ed office with the rigours of a trek to the Naafi being their biggest exertion. I dont think a thermos mug, sweat rag, mine marking kit and camelbak will help them out on that :wink:
  11. The 3 grand bag contains kit for achieving our mission. It is not just a gizzit bonus.

    What expensive, specialist kit does one need for mincing around an HQ in a benign location? A Dossbag or duvet from the NAAFI. How many CS are deployed in FOBs?

    What a laughably pants argument!

    As for the rest we have been round this bouy before with almost the same arguments already mentioned.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Disturbingly early for Arrse

    We normally have 17 pages of burn him before we decide to park the bus

    Shall we just crack on anyway?
  13. For which there are a number of allowances claimable as there always has been for trials clothing etc. I recall a number of occasions being sat in my man at QM gear surrounded by others in the latest £150 goretex jacket from Snow & Rock.

    Ironically I agree with the gist of your post - market economics, supply and demand but let's not exagerate the "noble" element of deployed civil service staff for many it's a chance to earn a few quid extra.

    Equally, good for them that do volunteer, it's clearly a lot bloody harder than sat in ABW canteen all day and they deserve the additional money.
  14. So do contractors for the UN. It's standard. Move on.
  15. Hmmmm, i'm staying on the bus.... just in case! :lick: