Mod civil servants get £40m bonus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MARTOK, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. Ding! Ding! All aboard!
  2. Oh FFS this will end in tears.
  3. Oh, Jesus Titty-Fuckin' Christ!

    Is it that slow of a news day that the Wail have to recycle this again?

    If you want to call it a bonus, you can. What it means in practice is that out of a total pay packet of X million, Y percent will be paid as unconsolidated award - which is non-pensionable.

    I also like the way they have managed to word the following:

    ...implying there will be more to come in the following 6 months, rather than acknowledging that:
    a) These payments are always made in the first half of the financial year
    b) This is the last pay-award from a previous multi-year agreement.
    c) For the next 2 years, Civil Servants' pay will be frozen completely

    But let's not let this get in the way of a good old Arrse whinge-a-thon....all we need now are some annecdotal stories of some cnut they worked with in 1996 who was paid a Brigadiers salary for sitting at home with sand in their ovaries, whilst learning hindi awareness.
  4. It is - as the MoD spokesman says - part of their contracted salary that is only paid if certain conditions are met.

    The word "bonus" makes it sound as though they're all being given a big treat, which is why the MoD haven't used it.

    What's the problem?
  5. I work in the private sector - what's a bonus? What performance criteria do they have to meet? Who sets the criteria?
  6. Whilst not disagreeing with you, I find it strange that workers should receive a bonus for doing more or less what they are paid to do. To me, a bonus is for achieving results that are much higher than normal job expectations. A bonus which is linked to performance is keeping their job if done properly, not keeping it with normal salary but no bonus if not done properly. Just my opinion.
  7. The "private sector" covers just about every job out there, so there are vast differences depending on which industry you're working in, in what size company and at what level. However, most professional office workers receive a bonus of some kind.
  8. Which is exactly why they haven't called it a bonus, fuckwit. Ignore the emotive language used by the Daily Mail, and it's simply part of their salary.
  9. It must be January again, time for the same old stories....NOTHING TOO SEE, move on.

  10. I don't recall the exact criteria, but I believe the annual performance grading has to be rated above a certain threshold. There has been much debate over how this is achieved, and it's probably fair to say the current system is not ideal as a model of perfomance-related pay.

    However, as I have said many times before, one of the key mtoivations for this pay model is to reduce the overall pension bill, and by paying part of the overall salry pot as non-consolidated, this is exactly what you get.

  11. That explains the difference re a non pensionable extra being paid, thank you. That you managed to do it quite easily without calling me a fuckwit is also a bonus, :) not to mention showing the difference between yourself and the other belligerent twat.
  12. These bonuses are pure poison. Told 2 of my civvies a couple of years back I wasn't recommending them. 'Why not?' says they. 'Because, whilst you have done your job to satisfaction, you have not gone above and beyond or done something stunning on your own initiative.' 'Well tell us what to do then?' replies them. 'Can't do that, because that would be my initiative not yours.'
  13. If these are civil servants you refer to then I'm afraid you suffer from a rather vivid imagination. Firstly, virtually every civil servant gets a basic bonus, awarded if they roughly achieve their objectives. From then on in it is awarded in terms of percentages for the next two levels - something like 25% of the total number in the pool get an enhanced bonus, with 10% of that cohort getting the top bonus.

    In terms of telling them what to do you again enter the realms of fantasy. Quite simply it is not for your staff to set their own objectives - that is your task and yours alone. Within these objectives, of course, staff can and should use their initiative and imagination in a bid to achieve/exceed them.

    PS Bonus awards are determined by a cluster panel, not the individual line manager.

    Merry Winterval.

  14. There's an American psychologist, Barry Schwartz who talks about this. How more incentives to do well in our business destroys our natural will to be good at our jobs.