MoD civil servant appointed new head of Soca

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. And a former TA officer, if the post nominal 'TD' is any clue...
  2. No mention of what his experience at MoD was, so he could quite easily have a lot of experience in that field.

    Mind you, SOCA have been widely criticised for their p!ss poor performance and their inability to complete the integration of NCIS, NCS, NHTCU and other elements of government. Their treatment of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection organisation, successor to NHTCU has come under particular focus.

    But yes, good luck to him, the state it's in now it's a poison chalice.
  3. Some of the coppers here on ARRSE have said they are less than impressed by SOCA's performance. IIRC, a lot of coppers who joined the Thundercats at the beginning are now returning to Plod because they are so distatisfied with SOCA.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    The 55 year-old spent 30 years at the Ministry of Defence, rising to second permanent secretary, and the decision appeared to surprise police chiefs gathering in Manchester for the Association of Chief Police Officers annual conference.

    ACPO: that well known and highly paid refuge for ex-coppers...
  5. Well I suppose he could hardly be more corrupt than ACPO.
    Never mind, I'm sure they'll soon have him on the payroll
  6. Well, at least there's a fair chance he'll send the fellas to the right place.

  7. A switched on chap - you don't become 2PUS by being a mong.

    Worth noting he spent a long time in the TA and did FTRS back in the 70s, when he spent a year working full time with a regular bn.

    Also knows what is important - I heard him speak to a gathering of MOD CS not too long ago and he made clear to us that our primary role was to support the troops in the front line, and if we didn't think our post did this, then we needed to have a hard think about our future.

    Very pro forces, very sharp and very good news for SOCA (whose original head was ex Green Slime IIRC?)
  8. No, the Chairman is/was Lander, former DG of the Security Service. Those who know the man personally tend to have strong views.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having worked for Sir Ian some years ago, when he was still a TA OC (RRF), he's a top geezer, and having been part of his Civil Service empire for many years I can say he was pretty well respected - in spite of an uncanny resemblance to John Cleese in his Basil Fawlty mode. He may be just the man needed to move SOCA forwards a bit.

    Incidentally, aren't ACPO a 'plc', basically, a private business owned by the top cops and solely intended to press their views/case? Just wondered...
  10. Not sure whether they're also returning, but former C&E guys are seriously hacked off with their time being wasted and investigations being hung.
  11. ACPO is, in my view, quite a dangerous set up as it places all senior police officers outside the control of their police authorities and Parliament. Check their website and note their view that they are in equal partnership with Government. It is also a cartel using police resourses to use and sell police information on an exclusive basis.

    Back to the thread, before 1970 most heads of Police Forces including the Met were external appointments and were generally ex senior military officers or Civil Servants.
  12. Perhaps it's time for that to be revisited. It's not as if you need any knowledge of the law or street policing to join ACPO.

    Some proper leaders in charge of the police could only be a good thing.